Council 123 Message - 3/29/17
Council 123 Message - 3/29/17


TSUP-simulator support “pairings”

We have received reports of Iceland simulator support event “pairings” being placed into Open Time for both Captains and First Officers that are labeled as TSUP. ALPA is currently looking into all aspects of these pairings. This should not be confused with the Base Simulator Support Event provisions in the 2015 CBA that are not yet implemented. 

In the meantime, please be aware that according to the Company, these "pairings" are voluntary in nature. You may see the trips in open time but you should only be assigned one of these trips on your Secondary or Custom Line if specifically requested it when you submitted your preferences. If that is not the case, and you have been involuntarily assigned one of these "pairings," please contact ALPA Contract Enforcement at 901-752-8749 or

Please review Section 11.P.7. as well. You will be expected to “satisfy the performance standards required by his crew status. Should the pilot flying seat support encounter any significant performance issues that require training (other than debrief), prior to his return to line flying, his case shall be referred to the TRB.”  
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