Tundra Tidbits - 4/1/17
Tundra Tidbits - 4/1/17


The Tundra Tidbits
1 APR 17

Hello Fellow Far North Flyers,

Recently, there has been a rash of vehicle vandalisms, and in addition, the theft of one vehicle in the long-term parking area of the ANC hub parking lot. Flight management is aware of this situation and is actively working through the issues. If you become a victim of this or encounter any other safety issue, please let one of us know and also contact MD-11 fleet captain Mike Olson at 901-224-5406.

Here is the "good news, bad news" part of this message. The "good news" is you will be receiving an FCIF in the next few days regarding the new security procedures here in ANC. Soon you will be able to walk directly to and from the airplane, should you choose to do so. That is the "good news."

The "bad news" is that beginning on Sunday, ramp personnel will no longer carry our bags up and down the stairs. This is due to "staffing levels" and "standardized operating procedures in all of the other domestic operations." All good things, it seems, must come to an end.

Be safe out there,

Bob, Todd and TJ



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