Positive Rate Weekly - 4/12/17
Positive Rate Weekly - 4/12/17


Grant Wells Remembered

Yesterday, a light went out at our ALPA office in Memphis. When our union effort was in its infancy, a young man named Grant Wells came to work for us as our IT specialist. Grant graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Arts in 1998 and from the University of Memphis in 2000 with a Bachelor of Business Administration. Grant began his employment with the FPA in June of 2000 and became an ALPA employee two years later after the merger. He was loved and respected by his coworkers and he was very close to his family. Grant has tirelessly seen to his parent’s needs, taking dinner to them every night and providing the familial support they needed in recent years.   

Nothing was ever outside of the scope of Grant’s job description. He was always willing to do anything that was asked of him and he went above and beyond on every task he would undertake. He received numerous commendations during his employment – both from pilots and ALPA. He approached every task by going the extra mile.

Over all these years, Grant has been an extremely welcome addition to our effort. Ask anyone who has spent time working around our Kirby Parkways offices and you will hear nothing but praise for Grant. His kindness and consideration has been deeply appreciated by all. Grant passed away quietly at home this week. His passing was quite unexpected. The ALPA staff and volunteers are devastated by Grant's death, and his passing leaves a large hole in the heart of our organization. 

Please keep keep Grant, his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

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ATTENTION block 11 pilots

Recently, an email was sent regarding carryover hours as it relates to the General Makeup Bank. In accordance with the new CBA, all carryover hours in a Pay Only month, whether an LCA doing Pay Only line checks or when working in the schoolhouse, are added to your General Makeup Bank. This is an improvement as prior to this agreement those hours, if not worked, were lost.

If you have any questions, please contact your Block 11 Representative Michael Arcamuzi at 901-210-0701 or or Contract Enforcement at 901-752-8749 or

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We want your photos

We want to see what you see. Share your pictures or videos from the line, and give us some context (i.e., let us know what we’re looking at).

We encourage you to submit your high-quality high-resolution digital images. Your photos could be featured in future MEC communications! Please note that by submitting your photos and/or videos, you are giving the MEC office permission to crop, edit, alter and publish your images and/or videos.

Send your photos to

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Retirement Education And research

Retirement was a primary issue where much attention was focused during our last collective bargaining agreement (CBA). While enhancements were made to Section 28, we know many hoped for more improvements that were not achieved in the latest agreement. Over the course of the last year, your elected representatives, MEC Officers, Negotiating Committee and R&I Committee have been involved in an effort to research our retirement plan as it currently exists, and explore possibilities that could enhance it. As this process continues to evolve, we’ve created this website as a central location to provide you with important information—from key players involved to previously released R&I educational videos and Chairman’s Messages.

The research process is underway. However, as you can imagine, this is an extensive project and will take our team of consultants significant time to develop concepts for consideration. It’s not until we reach that point that your elected representatives will determine if the outcome is worthy of further consideration. As previously noted in various communications, there is NO bargaining on retirement taking place with the company nor will there be without your inclusion.

Please take some time to peruse the website. We encourage you to bookmark it as a favorite as the information here will continue to be updated as we move forward.

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From the jumpseat committee

Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country Airlines (SY) operates 737-700 and 737-800 aircraft with one cockpit
jumpseat. We welcome pilots from airlines that we have reciprocal agreements with on a first
come, first serve basis, at the gate availability. We HIGHLY recommend listing online prior to
check-in but "walk-up" to the gate is still available (FedEx airline code is FX and FedEx IATA code is 023). The number of jumpseaters are limited only by the number of cabin seats available, plus the one cockpit jumpseat. Please click here to view the full announcement from Sun Country Airlines jumpseating.

New Southwest Airlines Jumpseat Policy

On the morning of Tuesday, May 9th, 2017, Southwest Airlines is scheduled to go live with a new reservation system for ALL OPERATIONS, both Domestic and International.

It is required that ALL PILOTS attempting jumpseat travel on Southwest Airlines, create a listing (PNR) prior to requesting the jumpseat at the gate.

OAL Pilots must create their listings via myIDTravel using their company approved username and password.  Southwest Airlines bookings will be made available to myIDTravel beginning April 9th.  However, the available bookings will only be for travel after May 9th.

Please click here to view the full announcement from Southwest Airlines regarding jumpseating.

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From Contract enforcement

Did you know that seat selection fees are allowable/reimbursable expenses (8.C.3.a.iii.)?

The fee is limited to the greater of $40 per flight segment or $80 per positioning sequence. The pilot must charge the fee(s) to the Company issued travel card and provide the receipt.

How Can a Pilot Receive a No Show for a trip despite being unaware that it was assigned to him?

When a pilot submits a bid line adjustment for general make-up, the pilot is responsible for any make-up assignment that complies with his submission (25.L.6.b.v.). CRS shall notify a pilot via VIPS that the submission has been accepted or denied (25.L.1.a.). If the notification is not closed out by the pilot, CRS may attempt to notify via a telephone call. Removal from the trip as a No Show is the likely result if the pilot cannot be contacted. We encourage you to check your crew notifications and remember to withdraw a submission for general make-up when you are no longer available. If you have any questions, please contact

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iOS 10.3 Released - Do not update yet

We're partnering with FedEx Flight Ops iPad Support to bring you information you can use. Please continue to read the Positive Rate for more articles similar to the one found below. We would like to thank Al Brucker for providing us with this information.

iOS 10.3 Released - Do Not Update Yet

Apple has released iOS 10.3. Pilots should NOT yet update.

iPad Support is currently testing iOS 10.3 with all FedEx required applications. There are major changes in iOS 10.3, including the entire file system of the operating system, and we must ensure all applications will continue to work as they should.

Be forewarned. Later, when the iOS update is approved to install, you must ensure all AirWatch apps are updated PRIOR to the installation of iOS 10.3. Failure to do so will result in all of the FedEx applications being wiped from your iPad. The AirWatch apps and versions you should check for are as follows (you can accomplish the AirWatch update at any time):

AirWatch Agent                      version 5.4.2
AirWatch Content Locker       version 4.1.0
AirWatch Browser                  version 6.1

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February Retirements

The FDX MEC and R&I Committee would like to congratulate the following ALPA members who retired in February and to thank them for their years of participation in the Association.

Captain Pat Oden
Captain Phillip G. Mahnken
Captain David N. Fisher
Captain David P. Herrman
Captain Jeffrey Stillwagon

Total Retirements from January to February, were 7, of whom, 7 were ALPA members.

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MEM Retirement and benefits seminars

MEM Retirement Seminars:

The next available Retirement Counseling Seminars will be held on April 19th, May 3rd and May 17th from 1:00-4:00 p.m. CST at the FDX MEC Office, 1770 Kirby Parkway, Suite 300, Memphis, TN 38138.

The Retirement Seminar is geared towards pilots preparing for retirement providing general information on all pilots’ retirement benefits and the retirement process. While we encourage all pilots to attend the Retirement Seminar, preference will be given to pilots closer to retirement.

For pilots who are unable to attend in person, we will provide access to the seminar via teleconference. In order to streamline the seminars and to ensure the highest level of counseling, we are limiting each seminar to 28 slots. Spouses are welcome to attend. 

To register for a Retirement Counseling Seminar click here. Please be prepared to provide your ALPA member number. Since the seminars fill up quickly, you should register as soon as possible.

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schwab individual retirement & financial counseling sessions - MEM and ANC

Dates: Thursday, May 4th and Thursday, May 18th

Schwab Executive Services Financial Consultants will be available on Thursday to conduct individual Retirement & Financial planning sessions with FedEx ALPA member pilots and their spouses. See the link below for available times. The sessions are free and scheduled for one hour in length. The slots fill up fast, so reserve yours now by clicking here.

Charles Schwab is ALPA’s preferred financial provider. Some of the benefits available for ALPA member pilots from Charles Schwab include complimentary financial planning, low-cost trading, educational online resources, etc. To learn more about the ALPA-Schwab relationship, please visit or contact Sylvia Arellano, the lead Executive Services Financial Consultant for FedEx ALPA pilots, directly at (720) 418-4200.

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professional pilot - terminal checklist quiz

Professional Pilot magazine has given us permission to reprint their "Terminal Checklist" section of the magazine. Please click here to view the "April 2017 Terminal Checklist."

John Cardaci
MEC Vice Chairman

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Air Facts journal

As you know, we recently received permission from Air Facts Journal to forward their online magazine to FedEx pilots. We hope you find this reading enjoyable. To view articles in Air Facts Journal, please click here.

Fly safe,

John Cardaci
MEC Vice Chairman

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