From the Jumpseat Committee (SWA Info) - 4/21/17
From the Jumpseat Committee (SWA Info) - 4/21/17


New Southwest Airlines Jumpseat Policy
*Previously published in 4/12 and 4/19 Positive Rate Weekly.

On the morning of Tuesday, May 9th2017, Southwest Airlines is scheduled to go live with a new reservation system for ALL OPERATIONS, both Domestic and International.

It is required that ALL PILOTS attempting jumpseat travel on Southwest Airlines, create a listing (PNR) prior to requesting the jumpseat at the gate.

OAL Pilots must create their listings via myIDTravel using their company approved username and password.  Southwest Airlines bookings will be made available to myIDTravel beginning April 9th.  However, the available bookings will only be for travel after May 9th.

Additional Information:

  • There is no profile to be created, each listing PNR is separate.
  • The user and password for JS listings on are the same as they have always been. User:  available in the Pocket Calendar or here: Password:  available in the Pocket Calendar or here:
  • Listing not required until after 9 May
  • SWA requires passport as part of their JS policy. I recommend everyone get the official passport app.

Please click here to view the full announcement from Southwest Airlines regarding jumpseating.


Captain Rich Odbert
FDX MEC Jumpseat Committee Chairman

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