Council 100 Message - 5/8/17
Council 100 Message - 5/8/17


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May 8, 2017

Council 100 Members,

We wanted to start sending out regular updates on current issues.

  1. DUES RECONCILIATION – ALPA has sent out several emails on this. See last week’s Positive Rate article by MEC Secretary-Treasurer Rich Zins for a thorough explanation. If you still have questions, please contact us.

  2. DEVIATION TICKET ISSUES – We’ve heard of a few instances where crewmembers are having difficulty booking first class deviation tickets from Global Travel. Regardless of the scheduled ticket and bank credited, if you meet the parameters to qualify for (CBA 8.A.5) a higher class, you may book it. For example, Company books you in business class, Eva airlines, TPE-LAX but you choose to deviate and buy a first class ticket on another carrier. If you have problems with Global Travel, please try to get a name and report the difficulties to me and Contract Enforcement (

  3. FLAT BED SEATS– Grievance 16-01 was heard by the arbitrator on 29Mar17. It will most likely be several months before we get a decision. Once a decision is made, we will communicate it to the crew force.

  4. POSTING 17-01 – We’ve received some questions concerning this Posting and the lack of any secondary vacancies. Unfortunately, the Company is not required to fill secondary vacancies. An incredible amount of unfilled vacancies were created by Posting 16-01 and those are still being filled. The Company must have an unfilled vacancy in order to hire into that crew position.

  5. PATH – Great new program here. The Pilot Assistance Team Hotline (866-FDX-ALPA/901-752-8749 ) was established to provide a source of support for pilots during difficult times and provides support to all pilots seeking physiological, psychological, or medical assistance. Pilot peers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to guide their coworkers to all available resources. All calls to PATH are completely confidential. Please understand their phone tree can take a few minutes to connect you to a Pilot Peer, but they are here to help and have the resources to get you the answers you need.

  6. R&I SEMINAR – We will be holding Retirement and Insurance seminars again this year – most likely between late August-early October before Company insurance open enrollment. Stay tuned for dates.

  7. HNL INSECTICDE SPRAYING – As of Feb 24th, spraying for Australia and New Zealand bound jets is to be done by ramp personnel with crew off aircraft. I haven’t flown this route in a while – send us your feedback if it’s not being done this way. See FCIF 17-0091 for details.

As always, feel free to call or contact any of us with questions or concerns. 


David Wojtkowski

Scott Seyfarth
Vice Chairman

Chad Conner
Secretary Treasurer

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