Council 26 Message - 5/11/17
Council 26 Message - 5/11/17


Council 26 Members,

Although it has been awhile since we last communicated with you, it is not because nothing is going on. The majority of these topics have been communicated from other sources within the Association. We would like to personally highlight a few of the current issues:

  • 5% Holdback of the Lump Sum Retro Payment: The company will continue to hold this money until the final calculations can be made to determine correct dissemination. The payments cannot be dispersed until it is known exactly how much money each pilot is owed. The two biggest obstacles are:
    • Pilots returning from long term military leave.
    • The 757/767 Passover-Pay Grievance.
  • Dues Reconciliation: A company coding error concerning some “dues-able” incomes was discovered by our MEC Secretary-Treasurer Rich Zins. This error has affected numerous pilots and has caused understandable contention. Please read the following message from Rich Zins that can also be found in the Positive Rate. Please call or email us if you want any further clarification.
  • Retirement Research: The preliminary research on retirement is ongoing. We will be getting a thorough briefing from our Negotiating and R&I Committees at our upcoming MEC Meeting in June. The three of us are optimistic at what we have learned thus far. Please go to the newly updated Retirement Website to learn more.
  • Contract Answer Team (CAT): How nice would it be to send a CBA question after hours and get a response? The technology is here and the program is ready to go live! We simply need 20 more volunteers. You do not have to be a contract expert to join the CAT, you simply need to be contract savvy. CAT training will prepare you for the position. Please contact Kent Hughes at if you are interested.
  • The Mix From 26: We are still looking for volunteers to help us publish, write, and/or edit our electronic magazine, The Mix from 26. If you are interested, please contact Pete Harmon here.
  • LCA Carryover: (This concerns instructors only)
    • If you are a LCA flying a line and are awarded carryover – nothing changes (you will be paid for the carryover if you do not drop the trip).
    • If you are bidding Pay-Only your carryover hours are deposited into your General Make-Up Bank (GMB) IAW Sec 11.M.11.b.
    • A Dual Qual, LCA, or Flex Instructor in Pay-Only that is awarded a line which has carryover hours will also have the carryover hours deposited into their GMB, IAW SEC 11.M.12 without an option to work the carryover.
    • An instructor or check airman awarded carryover when NOT in Pay-Only will be treated normally and IAW Sections 3, 4, and 25.
    • If you have further questions please contact your Block 11 Rep Mike Arcamuzi by phone or email.
  • Blocks 3, 6, and 11 Rep Replacements: This fall, Council 26 will hold elections for block representation beginning March 1, 2018.
    • Mike Arcamuzi has decided to take a step back from active Association work in his last years before retirement. Pete Harmon will run again for Block 3. Anita Shew is now technically in Block 5 and cannot run again for Block 6.
    • Who do you want to help shape your Association’s future? If you are interested in running, please feel free to contact us if you’d like. If you know someone who would be a good candidate, please encourage them to get involved.
    • There’s an exciting horizon ahead of us with an opportunity to make a positive impact in our retirement and preparing for contract negotiations in 2021.
Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Michael Arcamuzi
Block 11 Representative

Pete Harmon
Block 3 Representative

Anita Shew
Block 6 Representative


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