Positive Rate Weekly - 5/16/17
Positive Rate Weekly - 5/16/17


Upcoming MEC Meeting and MEM Joint Council Meeting

The next MEC meeting will be held the week of June 12-16 in Memphis. The MEM Joint Council meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 14 at the Marriott Memphis East (5795 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, TN). The Joint Council Meeting will begin at 10:30 a.m. and individual local council meetings will follow at its conclusion.

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in case you missed it - FedEx St. Jude Classic Pilots Car Build

Earlier today, I published a message regarding a unique fundraising event Captain Bob McKee is organizing on behalf of FedEx pilots to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (click here to view the video). The hard part has been done through videos from Captain Sully Sullenberger, Jim Nantz of CBS Sports, Factory Five Racing, fellow FedEx pilots who have had children treated at St. Jude and more, seeking donations to support this effort. Now, we are asking every FedEx pilot to make a commitment to share these videos with their friends and family members as we provide them in the weeks leading up to the golf tournament. To view my previously published message with more details on what you can do to help, please click here. To be directed to the donation website, please click here. Continue to look for updates each week with new videos as we get closer to the dates of the FedEx St. Jude Classic.

We have a big goal to reach, but with your help, we can make it happen!

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Fly Safe,

Captain John Cardaci
MEC Vice Chairman

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From Contract Enforcement - TIPS ON MONTHLY BIDDING

Please note that Section 25.C.12.f. (trip or R-day block conflict with recurrent training), and 25.E.4.b.i.(a)(1) – (4) (secondary line holder designation of number of vacation days) have not been implemented. To view the Implementation Schedule posted on the FedEx MEC home page, please click here.  

A pilot’s current bid period schedule, including carryover, takes precedence over a subsequent bid period schedule.  Any trip that conflicts with carryover (including a previously removed carryover trip) will be dropped as CIC (Carry-in Conflict) and is eligible for make-up. If your new trip is greater than 120 hours TABF, you may request to keep this trip on your line if the carryover trip is less than 72 hours TAFB or 3-day block (Sec. 25.F.3.a.). 

When bidding vacation with carryover, remember that carryover conflicts will cause the trip in the new bid period to drop out before the vacation period is considered. This means that if you bid a long trip in your next month’s vacation week, and if this trip is also in conflict with carryover, the trip in the new bid period will be dropped for the conflict before it is dropped for vacation.

  1. In January, suppose you have a carryover trip (into February), but the trip is dropped owing to a January vacation. When you bid for February you MUST remember to bid to de-conflict (if that is your wish) with the carryover trip even though the trip has been dropped. Otherwise any trip in conflict with that trip will be dropped as CIC.
  2. In another scenario, suppose you have a January carryover trip (into February) and you have vacation in February, but the vacation does not conflict with the carryover trip; however, the carryover trip is in conflict with a trip on your February line. In addition, the February trip is also in conflict with your vacation. What knocks out the February trip, the carryover trip or vacation? Answer = the carryover trip.    

Vacation days are considered work days for minimum days off protection.
Please contact if you have any CBA questions.

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attention secondary line awardees

Please beware when you designate carryover and training towards your BLG as you may be reducing your pay. Contact Contract Enforcement ( if you are considering this option in order to be well informed of the consequences. Thank you.

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We are currently posting the positions of chairman for our MEC Scope and Training Committees.

As you know, Captain Ross Armstrong has served as our Scope Committee Chariman and he is ready to step down as the chairman of this committee. Additionally, Captain Matt Morley has decided to step down as the Training Committee Chairman. Please be sure to thank Ross and Matt when you see them for their years of service on our behalf!

In accordance with the FDX MEC Policy Manual, those pilots who desire to be considered for these positions should submit their resumes to MEC Vice Chairman Captain John Cardaci at

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From the safety committee - bos runway 4r closure

Yesterday, May 15, 2017, Boston’s Logan International Airport closed runway 4R/22L for resurfacing and replacement of the approach lighting system. The runway is expected to reopen on June 24, 2017. After June 24th, the airport expects to open the runway intermittently until the approach lighting system project is completed in September 2017.

During the closure, BOS Air Traffic Control (ATC) will be utilizing two RNAV approaches to runway 4L (RNAV (GPS) 4L and RNAV (GPS) 4R with Sidestep Landing RWY 4L). During periods of low ceilings and reduced visibility, flight crews flying the RNAV (GPS) 4R, Sidestep RWY 4L may not be able to visually acquire RWY 4L.We have been told that ATC will issue the RNAV (GPS) RWY 4L straight in approach when weather is below 1500’/5SM, and further, that BOS ATC will use other runway configurations when possible.

• Flight crews are encouraged to remain vigilant while operating to Runway 4L during the 4R closure
• As RWY 4L has no approach lighting system, flight crews should ensure they are not lined up on a parallel taxiway
• Review all charts, procedures, and NOTAMs thoroughly
• Follow company guidance and Standard Operating Procedures
• Submit ASAP reports with any safety issues encountered while operating to 4L.

As ALPA verifies and gathers additional information, an Operations Bulletin will be published.

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Retirement Education And research

Retirement was a primary issue where much attention was focused during our last collective bargaining agreement (CBA). While enhancements were made to Section 28, we know many hoped for more improvements that were not achieved in the latest agreement. Over the course of the last year, your elected representatives, MEC Officers, Negotiating Committee and R&I Committee have been involved in an effort to research our retirement plan as it currently exists, and explore possibilities that could enhance it. As this process continues to evolve, we’ve created this website as a central location to provide you with important information—from key players involved to previously released R&I educational videos and Chairman’s Messages.

The research process is underway. However, as you can imagine, this is an extensive project and will take our team of consultants significant time to develop concepts for consideration. It’s not until we reach that point that your elected representatives will determine if the outcome is worthy of further consideration. As previously noted in various communications, there is NO bargaining on retirement taking place with the company nor will there be without your inclusion.

Please take some time to peruse the website. We encourage you to bookmark it as a favorite as the information here will continue to be updated as we move forward.

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How to close an app

We're partnering with FedEx Flight Ops iPad Support to bring you information you can use. Please continue to read the Positive Rate for more articles similar to the one found below. We would like to thank Captain Al Brucker for providing us with this information.

How to Close an App

Say you’re planning a flight on your iPad, and you open up JeppFDPro. When you’re finished with the app, you’ll most likely press the round button at the bottom of the iPad. This takes you back to the home screen and you can open another app. Did you close JeppFDPro? Sort of. What you’ve actually done is put the app in sleep mode. The app is paused, and no longer running, but it’s not fully shut down. You can open the app back up and you’ll pick up right where you left off. It’s great for switching back and forth between apps.
To completely close out an app, double tap the home button to bring up preview windows of apps you’ve recently had open. This shows your most recently used apps, and you can swipe from right to left to view additional apps. To reopen one of these simply tap the preview window. If you want to completely close the app, swipe the preview window towards the top and then off the screen. You can do this to some or all of the apps in your lineup of recently used apps.

Why would you want to do this? If the app you’re using is acting strangely or you think you might have a bug, closing the app completely and restarting it can sometimes fix the problem.

It is our goal in Flight Ops iPad Support, to continue to provide you with helpful information.

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membership committee welcomes new hires

Four volunteers from the FDX Membership Committee had the pleasure of giving a "Welcome Aboard" presentation on behalf of FDX ALPA to our newest pilots and many of their spouses on May 9th, 2017. The new hires were assigned as MEM based First Officers in the MD-11, B-777, A-300, B-767 as well as CDG 757. Our newest pilots have a diverse background, hailing from a multitude of civilian companies and/or the military. Please join us in welcoming our newest pilots to the FedEx pilot seniority list! The famous caboose seniority number is 4730.

Welcome aboard!

Jim Bosak
Tim Jackson
Erin Carmichael
Pete Souza
Adam De Felce
Tom Buthaus
Brad Simmons
Pete Harmon
Nick Maurer
Josh Balentine
Robbie Page
Tyler Johnson
Andy Vaughan
David Laswell
Dave Gauch
Joe Grassell
Glen Johnson (caboose)

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procedure review: transition level/transition altitude altimetry

Your Safety Committee feels the attached "Procedure Review" from Flight Operations regarding Transition Level/Transition Altitude Altimetry is useful information, so we would like to pass it along in case you missed it.

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MEM Retirement seminar

MEM Retirement Seminars:

The next available Retirement Counseling Seminars will be held on June 6th and 21st from 1:00-4:00 p.m. CST at the FDX MEC Office, 1770 Kirby Parkway, Suite 300, Memphis, TN 38138.

The Retirement Seminar is geared towards pilots preparing for retirement providing general information on all pilots’ retirement benefits and the retirement process. While we encourage all pilots to attend the Retirement Seminar, preference will be given to pilots closer to retirement.

For pilots who are unable to attend in person, we will provide access to the seminar via teleconference. In order to streamline the seminars and to ensure the highest level of counseling, we are limiting each seminar to 28 slots. Spouses are welcome to attend. 

To register for a Retirement Counseling Seminar click here. Please be prepared to provide your ALPA member number. Since the seminars fill up quickly, you should register as soon as possible.

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schwab individual retirement & financial counseling sessions - MEM and ANC

Dates: Wednesday, June 7th and Thursday, June 22nd

Dates: Wednesday, June 21st and Thursday, June 22nd

Schwab Executive Services Financial Consultants will be available on Wednesday, June 7th and Thursday, June 22nd in Memphis to conduct individual Retirement & Financial planning sessions with FedEx ALPA member pilots and their spouses. See the link below for available times in MEM. The sessions are free and scheduled for one hour in length. The slots fill up fast, so reserve yours now by clicking here (MEM).

Schwab Executive Services Financial Consultants will also yahoobe available in ANC on Wednesday, June 21st and Thursday, June 22nd. To reserve a slot in ANC, please click here (ANC).

Charles Schwab is ALPA’s preferred financial provider. Some of the benefits available for ALPA member pilots from Charles Schwab include complimentary financial planning, low-cost trading, educational online resources, etc. To learn more about the ALPA-Schwab relationship, please visit or contact Sylvia Arellano, the lead Executive Services Financial Consultant for FedEx ALPA pilots, directly at (720) 418-4200.

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professional pilot - terminal checklist quiz

Professional Pilot magazine has given us permission to reprint their "Terminal Checklist" section of the magazine. Please click here to view the "May 2017 Terminal Checklist."

John Cardaci
MEC Vice Chairman

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Air Facts journal

As you know, we recently received permission from Air Facts Journal to forward their online magazine to FedEx pilots. We hope you find this reading enjoyable. To view articles in Air Facts Journal, please click here.

Fly safe,

John Cardaci
MEC Vice Chairman

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