Message from the Negotiating and Jumpseat Committees - 6/9/17
Message from the Negotiating and Jumpseat Committees - 6/9/17


The Company released on June 8 an article entitled “Jumpseat Changes” intended for a broad audience and followed up with an FCIF on June 9 that was aimed at pilots in particular. The new Booking Priority (BP) structure results from negotiations that occurred during the bargaining of Section 26 for the 2015 CBA. The various BP’s and Jumpseat policy will be located in the updated Pilot Benefit Book (PBB) as referenced in the 2015 CBA, Section 26.J. In the meantime, we would like to address some specific areas of interest to the pilots as it relates to various BP’s.

  1. BP2: As it applies to pilots, is for travel by deadhead on Company aircraft as utilized under limited conditions as noted under the CBA, Section 8.A.3.c., d., and e.

  2. BP4: Company travel in lieu of Company purchased ticket, includes qualifying deviation air travel which is authorized in the CBA under Section 8. BP4 status applies to pilots that book a jumpseat anytime within 3 days of a company-scheduled activity (e.g., trip, reserve day, ground school/simulator training event, scheduled office day, etc.), regardless of whether the pilot is deviating or has a deviation bank. BP4 status is unrelated to the pilot’s residence. No relevance is given to departure or destination location.

    1. BP4 may bump all lower booking priorities up to 3 days prior with the exception of BP5 (Training Observations Required by Regulation).
    2. BP4 may bump Jumpseat reservations in the “OFF” booking priority until 1 hour before showtime.

  3. BP7: Staging is for pilots and eligible AOD and GOC employees only. BP7 status is for commuting pilots proceeding to or from their designated ramp, to or from their base. A pilot using BP7 may bump all lower (BP8 and OFF) priority categories until 24 hours prior to scheduled departure time.

  4. BP8: Non-Essential Travel for Jumpseat eligible employees only. Pilots using BP8 status may bump OFF status or BP9 as referenced in the Company June 8 Jumpseat letter, up until 1 hour prior to showtime.

  5. OFF: Referenced as BP9 in the Company letter are offline/CASS listing reservations. These are to be made no earlier than 24 hours prior to scheduled departure time and NLT 1 hour prior to showtime.

The new software described in the Company Jumpseat letter, is expected to go live sometime in July and will automatically determine the pilots BP eligibility by utilizing the pilots VIPS and MyMINT scheduled events. Some BP codes will need to be entered manually with approval, such as when a pilot needs to utilize BP3 - Personal Emergency.

Captain Pat May
Negotiating Committee
Captain Rich Odbert
Jumpseat Committee
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