Positive Rate Weekly - 6/20/17
Positive Rate Weekly - 6/20/17



T he case (Valdez v. ALPA) deals with issues related to the 2015 ratification of the current collective bargaining agreement.

  • Plaintiffs -- 4 FedEx pilots -- claimed that ALPA made misrepresentations regarding certain aspects of the CBA and that without them, the CBA would not have been ratified. ALPA has denied those allegations and believes them to be without merit.
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  •  The District Court determined that the case could not proceed as a class action, leaving the suit between only the four plaintiffs and ALPA. The Court of Appeals refused to consider an appeal from that decision denying class certification.
  • ALPA believes that it has strong defenses to the claims of the four plaintiffs, but has determined that further litigation at this stage would entail considerable time and resources better spent on more important issues: focusing on moving forward to best protect and enhance the interests and concerns of the pilot group.
With this in mind, ALPA has resolved this litigation with the four plaintiffs.


e are currently posting the positions of Pilot Assistance Team Hotline (PATH) chairman, Safety Committee vice chairman and Training Committee member.

Previously, PATH was a subcommittee of the Pilot Assistance Committee. To allow more flexibility, during last week’s MEC meeting, a resolution was passed making PATH its own committee. PATH will still be under the Pilot Assistance Committee umbrella, but is now a standalone committee within that group.

Safety Committee Chairman Captain Todd Carpenter is seeking someone to serve as the vice chairman of his committee and Training Committee Chairman Captain Ty Sanders is looking for someone to serve on his committee and assist with their e-zine publication “Gear Up.”

In accordance with the FDX MEC Policy Manual, those pilots who desire to be considered for these positions should contact MEC Vice Chairman Captain John Cardaci at


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Pilot iPad Help Desk FAQs

What is the latest approved iOS/App Versions?

To check the latest approved iOS and app versions visit the FDCMS iPad home page by logging into and tapping the “Resources Tab” then select “iPad”. The app status table is available in the right hand side of the home screen.

Content Locker Document stuck in download queue:

This is a common bug within content locker, to clear this issue you must delete and reinstall the Content Locker app. The app can be downloaded again by going to the FedEx app catalog and tapping install next to Content Locker. Note: You will lose any favorites and Local storage files.

How do I check which versions of apps I have?

To see the current version of an app launch Settings then scroll down on the left hand bar and select the desired app and then scroll down on the right hand bar to see the current app version.


WiFi says connected but no internet connection:

The Pilot and AXS networks require you to sign in every 24hrs. If you do not receive the FedEx login prompt you can force the prompt by going to either or

It is our goal in Flight Ops iPad Support, to continue to provide you with helpful information.

Join the 717 Club This Summer—Help Us Help Pilots in Need

ALPA Pilots for Pilots (P4P)—our emergency relief fund—is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity created solely for ALPA members and their dependents to cover the immediate, extraordinary expenses that follow widespread, catastrophic events and help expedite the recovery process, allowing ALPA families to return their lives to some semblance of normalcy. But for ALPA to help, we need your help.

This summer we're asking you to join the "717 Club" by donating $7 in 2017—or $77 or even $777—to help your colleagues in need.

pr_717club.png?r=1496688334809We've set a campaign goal to raise $40,000 for P4P by August 31, so please donate and encourage your ALPA colleagues to do the same over the next three months! Remember, we're all just a disaster away from needing Pilots for Pilots.


ection 25.C.10. (Bidding during Consolidation) was added in the bargaining of the 2015 CBA.  There are bidding limitations which apply if you are:

  • Bidding a line after your first full bid period post-activation, and
  • Did not have a custom line in the first full bid period after your activation
  • Not projected for a timely consolidation (using one projected-accrued block hour per remaining non-extension consolidation day)
Example: Pilot activates in his new crew position at the beginning of the May bid period. The pilot fully participates in bidding for a line for the June bid period and receives a Regular, Secondary, or Reserve line for June. If the pilot is not on track for consolidation at the close of bidding for a July schedule, he or she will be subject to the bidding limitations discussed below.
The applicable bid restrictions are as follows:
  • The pilot may be awarded a regular line provided that the line includes at least 30 scheduled block hours, or is in the top 50% of the lines in that base in terms of scheduled block hours.  The pilot will not be awarded such a line if he doesn’t bid it or lacks the seniority to hold it. This is not a “super-seniority” provision for non-consolidated pilots.
  • The pilot may be awarded a secondary line with bidding preferences/priority determined by the SIG/SLWRG, but the pilot may not voluntarily use standby trips, reserve blocks or relief flight officer trips as part of his or her construction. Again, this is not a “super-seniority” provision for non-consolidated pilots.
  • The pilot may be awarded a reserve line only if he or she can’t be awarded a Regular or Secondary Line (as described above).

Please contact if you have any contract concerns.