Council 22 Message - 6/28/17
Council 22 Message - 6/28/17


Members of Council 22,       

Ever wonder how management feels after a particularly challenging peak season? Ever wonder if the customary “Thank You” letter to the crew force was genuine?  After reading FOM Appendix S, you could be forgiven for having those feelings again. Some of you may feel like you are back in an “at will” status? You are not alone. Please read The MEC Chairmen’s message dated 30 May 2017 and any follow-on messages about this topic. We absolutely believe the FOM is not the place for a general Acceptable Conduct Policy.  

Retirement is also a hot topic. Understand that your MEC is looking into other possibilities for the Defined Benefit portion of your retirement. It is no secret that the DB portion of our retirement was not enhanced during the last contract negotiations. The future of our retirement plans must be carefully considered and optimized for the benefit of both the crewforce and the company. If history is a guide, change is the only constant. Get ahead or be left behind. It’s our choice. Please watch the video from the last MEC joint council meeting where David Blitzstein was introduced. David talked about the current state of Defined Benefit plans and what a hybrid plan can do for both our company and us. 

As we enter the 101 critical days of summer, please focus on your professionalism. According to the MD-11 section, gusty “challenging” wind events and hard landing are on the rise. Please prepare yourself for the challenges we face on a daily basis.

Now for this month’s highlighted sub committee: We would like to reintroduce and thank the Professional Standards Committee members. Have you had a flight with a captain you did not agree with? Have you flown with a fellow pilot who you did not understand? Do you need to vent or possibly have a follow on discussion because of a flight that did not go well? Have you flown with a First officer who does not appear to be as motivated as you are? Professional Standards is there to listen and help find answers. Professional Standards can work with you to reach a conclusion that just may save a pilot’s career. Professional standards can be reached via a call to the MEC office or via email at Please consider talking with them if you don’t know where to go for help.

Please enjoy your summer, stay safe and stay professional.

DJ Shaw
LEC 22 Chairman
Block 2 Rep
Brian Hoffman
LEC 22 Vice Chairman
Block 5 Rep
Ian Thompson
LEC 22 Secretary/Treasurer
Block 7 Rep
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