Council 100 Message - 6/28/17
Council 100 Message - 6/28/17


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June 28, 2017


I just returned from our MEC meeting in Memphis where the primary topic was retirement. We had the opportunity to see some different retirement models that could prove to be a viable alternative for our current Defined Benefit plan. Please keep in mind that no negotiations are taking place at this time between the Association and the Company. If the Company decides it may be interested in a new plan, then the MEC will seek the membership’s affirmation before proceeding. The process is taking place in this order only to avoid spending additional money on something that isn’t viable.

Reserve Conversions

For July, we had several pilots in both seats awarded reserve lines that were involuntary converted to secondary lines. As referenced in July’s SIG notes, follow on secondary line software is not yet complete and as a result involuntary reserve conversion has not been eliminated. The same old reserve conversion rules that existed under CBA 2011 are still in effect. There are specific criteria listed in the CBA that must be met to allow the Company to do conversions. Many pilots in LAX have been involuntary converted since the signing of CBA 2015 but very few in the last few months so it was a surprise for July. 

All CBA 2015 implementation progress can be viewed at the Implementation Schedule. Items under phase one through four are all complete but several items that are part of the new secondary line system (SEC) are still On Track and not yet complete.

Established Fares

Section 8.A.4 of the CBA explains how Baseline and Established fares are produced.

On bid pack deadheads, the Established Fare is not created until after the First Officer bid awards are published and thus, the majority of trips have been assigned and ready for ticketing. Although they are generally equal or very similar, the Established Fare has nothing to do with the actual ticketed fare and in some cases major discrepancies can result.

On non-bid pack deadheads (typically revisions or x-pairings), the Established Fare cannot be produced by the Company until after the deadhead is created. We have seen some discrepancies with these where literally minutes after a fare is “established” the ticketed fare is several thousand dollars higher. It appears that in a legitimate effort to save money, the Company is using a greater number of refundable fares with significant change fees, which the Company is willing to eat when pilots deviate. This results in a much lower ticketed price (and Established Fare) than what has been done in the past. There have been circumstances where the Established Fare reflects those discounts but the actual ticketing agent did not procure the correct discounted ticket. In fact, in several cases, when notified of the discrepancy, Global Travel went back and was able to re-issue the same exact seat at the lower fare. That doesn’t help out those who choose to deviate as they are stuck with the Established Fare. 

If you have a deviation bank issue, I would encourage you to file an INSITE report and copy me as well.

As always, feel free to contact me to discuss any items in further detail.  Please be sure to let me know about contractual problems you encounter on the line even if you file an INSITE report.


David Wojtkowski

Scott Seyfarth
Vice Chairman

Chad Conner
Secretary Treasurer

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