Positive Rate Weekly - 6/27/17
Positive Rate Weekly - 6/27/17


ALPA Encourages Pilots to Complete SURVEY


he French Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGAC) has published an online survey asking licensed pilots to provide their opinions on whether they would prefer to communicate in English or French with air traffic control services at French airports, including Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG).

From a safety perspective, ALPA is concerned that unless all air traffic control communications use a single common language, the risks of a loss of situational awareness among flight crews is increased.


The 18 question survey takes 5-10 minutes. In order to access the survey a pilot license number is required. ALPA pilots are encouraged to complete the survey as soon as possible, before it is removed later this month.



e are currently posting the positions of Pilot Assistance Team Hotline (PATH) chairman, Safety Committee chairman and vice chairman and Training Committee member.

Previously, PATH was a subcommittee of the Pilot Assistance Committee. PATH will still be under the Pilot Assistance Committee umbrella, but is now a standalone committee within that group.

We are currently posting the position of chairman for our Safety Committee. This position has been filled by Captain Todd Carpenter. Todd has indicated he is ready to step down as the chairman of this committee and with his recent announcement, we are reminded of the work he's done for us over the past several years. Please join us in thanking Todd for his service to our union

Training Committee Chairman Captain Ty Sanders is looking for someone to serve on his committee and assist with their e-zine publication “Gear Up.”

In accordance with the FDX MEC Policy Manual, those pilots who desire to be considered for these positions should contact MEC Vice Chairman Captain John Cardaci at


We're partnering with FedEx Flight Ops iPad Support to bring you information you can use. Please continue to read the Positive Rate for more articles similar to the one found below. We would like to thank Captain Al Brucker for providing us with this information.

Pilot iPad Help Desk FAQs

iPad frozen/ Screen won’t rotate/ Can’t find wifi network/ etc

Most small issues with your device can be fixed by performing a hard reset. This is done by holding the home button and power button down simultaneously for about 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears. This should be done routinely to clear up any issues.

AirWatch Browser won’t connect to PFC

The AirWatch browser is experiencing an issue with internal WiFi networks. To use this app we recommend turning off the WiFi function and using cellular. Another alternative is using the Safari browser and signing in with your soft/hard token.

Contact Us/ Broken Device

Broken devices must be documented and replaced by iPad support. You can submit a support ticket 24/7 by phone through our support vendor Denali at (800) 238-7527 Option 9 or contact us directly by email at

Can’t update data in JeppFD-Pro. Keep getting “Unable to contact server” error messages and miscellaneous error codes.

There is possibly an issue with your cellular or WiFi connection and you need to reset the iPad’s network settings. Close JeppFD-Pro. Go to iPad Settings and select General. Scroll down on the right and select Reset. Select “Reset Network Settings” and enter your device passcode. The Apple logo will appear for one to two minutes while iOS resets the cellular and WiFi settings. The device will restart when finished. Verify you have a good cellular connection and connect to a good WiFi network. Open JeppFD-Pro and select Updates.

It is our goal in Flight Ops iPad Support, to continue to provide you with helpful information.


On Tuesday, June 20th, the Membership Committee had the pleasure of welcoming 21 new pilots and several of their spouses to the FedEx family. They come to us from a diverse background including UPS, United, PSA, Jet Blue and Atlas. We are also welcoming several aviators from the Navy and Air Force.

The new hires were awarded MEM- MD-11, B-757 and A-300 as well as one CGN B-757 and one HKG B-767. The famous caboose seniority number is 4784. Please join us in welcoming these new pilots to our work force.

Please help us welcome:

Mitchell Spillers, Andrew Murphy, Michael DiPrisco, Michael Brugger, Anna Fischer, Amanda Kleist, Todd Hohn, Ryan King, Anthony Clay, John Hartigan, David Brinkley, Richard Bennett, Neil Gorham, Matthew Smith, Andrew Lewis, Mark Michaels, Andrew Harmon, David Falcone, Brian Perkins, Jerrod Sonderman and caboose Joshua Gobble


o you know the timeframe for filing a grievance? (20.B. - Filing of Grievance)

  • A grievance must be filed with the Company within 60 days following the date the pilot gained knowledge of the event that is the issue of the grievance.
  • The 60-day period shall be extended to 90 days, if the pilot has written evidence within the 60 days that he or she tried to resolve the issue with flight management or FedEx Labor Relations during the same 60-day period.
  • A grievance may be filed beyond the 60-day limit:
    • if the grievance arises from a bookkeeping or clerical error, that does not involve a dispute of the Company’s interpretation or application of agreements between ALPA and the Company; and
    • the grievance can be definitively resolved by reference to Company records.

Please contact Contract Enforcement within the timeframe to file a grievance in order to preserve time limits as well as investigate the facts. Oftentimes a resolution is reached without the filing of a grievance.

FROM CONTRACT ENFORCEMENT - 25.U. - Bumping for training

Did you know that a pilot may be removed from their trip, or a portion thereof, for required training of another pilot?

If a pilot is removed from his or her entire trip for this reason:

  • The pilot shall have no further responsibility for that trip and will earn trip guarantee.
  • Deadhead monies associated with a removed trip shall remain intact.
  • If a pilot is bumped from a trip in a series of trips, he is entitled to a hotel room as an allowable deviation expense.

If a pilot is bumped from a portion of a trip to facilitate the training of another pilot, the following applies:

  • Based on standard trip construction practices, the trip will be revised to contain the remaining portion for which he is still required
  • If a pilot is bumped from a trip in a series of trips, he is entitled to a hotel room as an allowable deviation expense.
Example:  If a duty period(s) is normally constructed with an RFO

(e.g., duty periods over 7:35 block hours) and a First Officer is

bumped to facilitate OE training, the First Officer will be kept on

the RFO leg(s), because the student must leave the controls when

the LCA leaves the cockpit to rest.

Please contact if you have any contract concerns.

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