Tundra Tidbits - 7/7/17
Tundra Tidbits - 7/7/17


The Tundra Tidbits
7 JULY 17

Hello fellow Far North Flyers,

Welcome to the 'Dog Days' of Summer here in our beautiful corner of the planet.

As the August Bid pack has been released, Jade Beam has asked me to remind everyone that our annual Family Awareness picnic will be held at Big Lake on Saturday, August 19th from 1200-1600. More to follow as the event approaches.

While I’m on the subject, when you see them please thank Jade and Erin for ALL of the work they have done for the last number of years. THEY are in need of a vacation and WE are in need of fresh legs to carry the Family Awareness baton for a while. Please contact Jade, Erin or one of us for more information.

On another note, regarding vacation planning, for those of you lucky enough to be retiring soon, here are a few helpful hints on bidding for vacation. First, Congratulations for making it all the way to the finish line in one piece!

If you are retiring, the best way to help out those of us who will still be working is to bid ALL of your vacation AFTER your retirement date in AND put it into an “undesirable” month. Please stay away from the Summer months, (May through September) and the prime holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We promise to keep working hard in order for those retirement checks to keep coming to you on a regular basis!

Be safe out there,

Bob, Todd and TJ

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