Positive Rate Weekly - 7/11/17
Positive Rate Weekly - 7/11/17



FedEx Flight Management’s recent announcement regarding the full implementation of the Sick Tracking System is causing considerable concern in our crew force. For your ALPA leadership, the announcement came as a surprise, as we were unfortunately not afforded any advance notice or opportunity to review the document...



e are currently posting the positions of Pilot Assistance Team Hotline (PATH) chairman, Safety Committee chairman and vice chairman and Training Committee member.

Previously, PATH was a subcommittee of the Pilot Assistance Committee. PATH will still be under the Pilot Assistance Committee umbrella, but is now a standalone committee within that group.

We are currently posting the position of chairman for our Safety Committee. This position has been filled by Captain Todd Carpenter. Todd has indicated he is ready to step down as the chairman of this committee and with his recent announcement, we are reminded of the work he's done for us over the past several years. Please join us in thanking Todd for his service to our union

Training Committee Chairman Captain Ty Sanders is looking for someone to serve on his committee and assist with their e-zine publication “Gear Up.”

In accordance with the FDX MEC Policy Manual, those pilots who desire to be considered for these positions should contact MEC Vice Chairman Captain John Cardaci at

How do I filter to show only all unread mail?
Tap the Email Filter icon emailicon_1.png displayed at the bottom of the selected inbox. The icon will change to emailicon_2.png and only unread email will display. Tap the icon again to display all email.
How do I change my FedEx Exchange Email password?
Your email password is your Company LDAP password. To change it, login to PFC. At the top of the screen, tap on your name and select "Change Password". The change will take effect in all FedEx systems within 10 minutes.
How do I refresh/sync my mail inbox?
To retrieve new mail or refresh your inbox, press the Mailboxes window pane with your finger and pull down until the refresh icon starts to spin and then release.
How do I create custom email signatures?
Tap the Settings icon on your iPad Home screen. Scroll down and tap Mail. In the right Mail window frame, scroll down and tap Signature. You can create custom signatures for each of your accounts.
Why do I keep getting a “Cannot Verify Server Identity” pop-up window when opening mail or switching between accounts?
The FedEx Exchange Email account can timeout quickly. Tap Cancel and wait a few seconds. iOS will verify the server and automatically connect. Multiple attempts may be required. 
Why do I keep getting a “Cannot Get Mail” pop-up window saying the mail server is not responding and that I need to check my account information in Mail settings? 
The FedEx Exchange Email account can timeout quickly. Tap OK and wait a few seconds. iOS will continue making attempts to automatically connect to the server. Multiple attempts may be required.
Why do I keep getting both “Cannot Get Mail” and “Cannot Verify Server Identity” pop-up windows?
Double-tap the iPad Home button. The opened Mail app will display as a thumbnail. Close the Mail app by swiping it up with your finger. Verify you have a good AT&T and Wi-Fi connection. Re-open the Mail app.
Bid Period Order of Conflict Processing (Sec. 25.E.3.)

Bid period phase-in conflicts (discussed in Sec. 25.F.1.) are processed prior to vacation conflicts. Vacation conflicts are processed prior to the award of recurrent training sessions, which are awarded after all other conflicts, except conflicts due to minimum days off protection. After recurrent training is awarded and those conflicts resolved, conflicts due to minimum days off protection are processed.

The Conflict Processing Window is a period of not less than 24 hours, beginning when the Bid Period Processing Conflict Input Window closes.
Within the Conflict Processing Window, recurrent training sessions will be awarded after all other conflicts, except those due to minimum day off protection, have been processed. Following the award of recurrent training sessions, conflicts with recurrent training will then be processed.
After recurrent training is awarded, conflicts due to minimum day off protection shall be processed.

25.F. Bid Period Phase-In

1. A phase-in conflict occurs when:

a. a pilot not qualified for the lowest FAR landing minimums for his aircraft is awarded a trip to an international location that was designated in the bid period package as restricted to pilots qualified to those minimums; or

b. a pilot is unable to perform an assignment(s) in a bid period due to a trip (including an international buffer, if any) that began in the previous bid period or a carryover R-day(s). For purposes of determining conflicts with R-days on which no activity has been assigned, the following shall apply:

i. An R-day conflicts with an earlier assignment unless there is at least 12 hours prior to the start of the pilot’s first RP, and no legality problems are caused by the previous assignment (e.g., 1-in-7).

ii. An R-day conflicts with a subsequent assignment unless there are at least 12 hours between the end of the pilot’s Rday and the beginning of the scheduled assignment, and no legality problems are caused by the subsequent assignment (e.g., 1-in-7).

iii. An R-day conflicts with another R-day unless there are at least 12 hours between the consecutive RPs; however, consecutive R-days with the same RP do not create a conflict.

iv. The provisions of Section 25.F.1.b.i., ii., and iii. do not apply operationally or during the application of Section 25.M.3.d.

c. a pilot is awarded/assigned a recurrent training session in conflict with a trip or block of R-days, as provided in Section 25.C.12.d.ii., or C.12.f.

Please note that Section 25.C.12.f., trip or R-day block conflict with recurrent training, and 25.E.4.b.i.(a)(1) – (4), secondary line holder designation of number of vacation days, have not been implemented. To view the Implementation Schedule posted on the FedEx MEC home page, please click here.
Projected Non-currency for Landings
Please note Section 25.L.1.g. if you are projected to go non-current for landings. The Company shall not deny a pilot's bid line adjustment (including a submission for a trip during the view/add window) on the basis of projected non-currency for landings, provided that the showtime for any trip or standby added as a result of such bid line adjustment (including a submission for a trip during the view/add window) is at least 72 hours after the pilot's projected non-currency.

Please contact if you have any contract concerns.

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