FDX MEC FastRead - 7/26/17
FDX MEC FastRead - 7/26/17


We have heard it expressed in some circles that there were no gains in the recent CBA, in spite of the millions of dollars spent. We have also learned that as a method of expressing their discontent, some members have chosen to not wear their ALPA lanyards.

We certainly identify with grumbling, having done a fair bit of it ourselves over any number of issues.

Fewer than half of us currently serving on your MEC were members of this body when the CBA was ratified in 2015. Just the same, our personal views of that process and its outcome have mirrored your own and those of your fellow pilots, ranging the full spectrum from “Yes” to “Hell No.” Not one of us got everything he or she desired, and some were bitterly disappointed.

But we each feel that to say there were no gains is to be unfairly and unwisely selective of one’s facts. The bargaining did cost a lot—mainly because of a protracted, 5-year bargaining cycle. During and since that course of bargaining though, our pay alone has improved 20%; plus the retro checks and a B-fund bump. Four additional 3% raises and another B-Fund bump are in the pipeline. Additionally, PBS was soundly defeated and the A-Fund, though not improved, was preserved. There have been grievances won and jobs saved. How much is the pay increase alone worth to you? Just in this year? 

Certainly, the gains in the recent contract fell short of expectationsboth yours and ours. Without a collective union effort however, history and experience indicatewith all of the certainty of both death and taxesthat we all would have gone backwards.

Grumbling is understandable. We know from personal experience that it comes easily and offers immediate gratification. Protest for its own sake though accomplishes absolutely nothing and is in fact, destructive to our collective efforts. So rather than cutting off our noses just to spite the faces of our recent disappointments, let us all learn, grow, and apply our recently hard-earned wisdom to our efforts moving forward. 

Wear your ALPA lanyards, flying your own flag in acknowledgement of the gains that were made.

Fly the flag because the fight continues as we defend those gains.

Fly the flag in acknowledgement of the assaults upon your quality of life and retirement that were repelled.

Fly the flag out of respect for those volunteers on the 30+ committees who quietly serve us all.

Fly the flag because not doing so signals an ambivalence, offering encouragement to those who view you as a cost center to be gutted rather than an asset to be protected and rewarded.

Fly the flag in support of your greatest asset - your fellow pilots. Show them that you have their backs.

Fly the flag, if for no other reason than because…Appendix S. That was just one shot of many and is your wake up call that factions within the company—largely outside of flight management—are arming themselves to take pilots’ careers hostage even as they continue their assault upon the language within your CBA.


Block 1, Don Ray
Block 2, DJ Shaw
Block 3, Pete Harmon
Block 4, Dave Arrington
Block 5, Brian Hoffman
Block 6, Anita Shew
Block 7, Ian Thompson
Block 8, Don Loepke
Block 9 (ANC), Bob Cecchi
Block 10 (HKG), Andrew Coward
Block 11 (Ins), Michael Arcamuzi
Block 12 (LAX), Dave Wojtkowski
Block 14 (IND), Andy Anderson
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