Positive Rate Weekly - 8/1/17
Positive Rate Weekly - 8/1/17


Watch First Officer Preston Greene’s Acceptance Speech 
As you know, First Officer Preston Greene was awarded ALPA’s Aviation Security Award during the ALPA Air Safety Forum for his valued guidance and extensive work to promote aviation security, specifically in the realm of air cargo. We encourage you to watch his acceptance speech as we feel it is deeply moving and salient to our security concerns. Please click on the image below to view the video.
Volunteer Now For CIRP
Critical Incident Response Program
e have a rapidly-changing pilot group at FedEx, and the next generation of leaders will need to step up and take part, not only by getting the freight from point A to point B, but also by helping their fellow pilots to do the same.
HAVE YOU EVERhad to fill out an ASAP report or a Flight Safety Report? If you answered “yes” to either of these, then you might have experienced an “adrenaline rush” event. We’ve all been there, flying along with everything normal, when suddenly jolted by something out of the ordinary that caused us to sit up and take the controls. Or what about those missed radio calls or airspeed/altitude busts that put a pit in your stomach and leave you thinking about the event over and over again?
THE STRESS OF FLYINGand the challenges that you face at FedEx are tough enough, but add in an unexpected threat, either real or perceived, and you might be pushed over the edge without even knowing it. Only about 5 percent of pilots who have experienced a traumatic event cope well enough to return to work without receiving help. In fact, statistics indicate that PTSD is one of the primary reasons that some pilots choose to leave the profession prematurely. According to ALPA’s Aeromedical Office, 82 percent of pilots who suffer from PTSD and do not seek treatment leave the airline industry within 4 years.
82 percent of pilots who suffer from PTSD and do not seek treatment leave the airline industry within 4 years
The bottom line is that we help you get back to “normal” so that you are fit for duty and prepared for the next flight; how we do this is the key. We use volunteers who speak the language of aviation. They fly the same jets and routes that you do. They experience the same challenges that you do, and above all else, they are your peers.
If you’re a leader and have good listening skills, then I encourage you to consider volunteering as a CIRP peer. Training is three days and requires one day annually thereafter. There is little time commitment involved, but the impact you make can be great!  Are you new to FedEx? We need you. Have you been with the company for years? We need you. The phone call or visit you make with a fellow pilot just might save a career or even a life.
If you would like to volunteer or just want to know more, please contact me at (901) 828-4633 or
P lease note that Section 25.C.12.f., trip or R-day block conflict with recurrent training, and 25.E.4.b.i.(a)(1) – (4), secondary line holder designation of number of vacation days, have not been implemented.  
The following link is to the Implementation Schedule posted on the FedEx MEC home page: 
A pilot’s current bid period schedule, including carryover, takes precedence over a subsequent bid period schedule.  Any trip that conflicts with carryover (including a previously removed carryover trip) will be dropped as CIC (Carry-in Conflict) and is eligible for make-up.  If your new trip is greater than 120 hours TABF, you may request to keep this trip on your line if the carryover trip is less than 72 hours TAFB or 3-day block ( Sec. 25.F.3.a.).  
When bidding vacation with carryover, remember that carryover conflicts will cause the trip in the new bid period to drop out before the vacation period is considered.  This means that if you bid a long trip in your next month’s vacation week, and if this trip is also in conflict with carryover, the trip in the new bid period will be dropped for the conflict before it is dropped for vacation.
1.    In January, suppose you have a carryover trip (into February), but the trip is dropped owing to a January vacation.  When you bid for February you MUST remember to bid to de-conflict (if that is your wish) with the carryover trip even though the trip has been dropped.  Otherwise any trip in conflict with that trip will be dropped as CIC.
2.    In another scenario, suppose you have a January carryover trip (into February) and you have vacation in February, but the vacation does not conflict with the carryover trip; however, the carryover trip is in conflict with a trip on your February line.  In addition, the February trip is also in conflict with your vacation.  What knocks out the February trip, the carryover trip or vacation?  Answer = the carryover trip.    
Vacation days are considered work days for minimum days off protection on a Secondary Line. Please contact if you have any CBA questions.
From the Security Committee
I recently received a Known Crewmember (KCM) brief from the Transportation Security Agency (TSA). The briefing detailed security violations at every KCM portal over the last 7 years. Most of these violations involved pilots attempting to carry improperly sized liquid containers, but a few of them involved the discovery of loaded weapons carried by pilots. I was informed at this same brief that there will be 3 more airports opening with KCM portals in the near future with more new portals following. So, despite these violations, KCM continues to expand. The data shows that the pilot security classification as the system's most "trusted group" is truer than anyone thought. 
PLEASE BE AWARE   that the TSA is standardizing these penalties. They may include, civil, criminal and financial penalties; and a removal from the CASS system. I also received a brief from law enforcement representatives who were part of the first responders to the Fort Lauderdale airport terminal shooting. It was an extraordinary event in the worst sense of what that word implies—11 people were shot and 5 were killed. The chaos that followed took over 2,000 law enforcement personnel and 18 SWAT teams to ‘clean up.’ They are still sifting through the lessons learned but are getting the word out about what they know. 
One of the things learned is the importance of the pilot in uniform during events like these. We are in a recognized position of authority when we wear that uniform in the airport. Although it sometimes feels like we are not, law enforcement and the general public will look to us to help maintain order and calm and to assure a command position. Some of you may want to join the fight against the threat; however, a blue on blue would be a probable outcome. Our best course of action is to present an image of a calm presence and avoid intruding into the efforts of law enforcement.
PRIOR TO YOUR NEXT DUTY PERIOD, please update your iPad to iOS version 10.3.3. This is a required small update that patches a known vulnerability to the iPad.
The Apple iOS update is accessed directly on the iPad under the Settings app via the General/Software Update page.
Before applying the Apple iOS 10.3.3 update, you must ensure all AirWatch apps are updated. Failure to do so will result in all of the FedEx applications being wiped from your iPad. The AirWatch apps and versions you should check for are as follows (you can accomplish the AirWatch updates via the FedEx App Catalog):
AirWatch Agent version 5.5.1
AirWatch Content Locker version 4.6.0
AirWatch Browser version 6.2.2
Note: if you are still on FDPro 2.9, you MUST update to the latest version no later than 30SEP17. It will no longer function after that date. Plus, you are missing out on great new features like:
•    Enroute smart notes
•    AMM taxi charts
You can review this update information or obtain installation help for these updates by accessing the Flight Deck CMS Support page via the iPad link in PFC (
T he most efficient way for management to be made aware of and correct issues pertaining to hotels, catering and ground transportation is via the INSITE Reporting System. This electronic form is accessed via the website home page. If you have a hotel, catering or ground transportation concern/issue, positive or negative, we encourage you to submit the ticket.  
PLEASE SUBMIT A SEPARATE TICKET FOR EACH ISSUE(for example, please submit one ticket for a hotel issue and if there was also a ground transportation issue, please submit a second ticket.). These tickets, combined with your correspondence to the Trip Services Committee, are reviewed at our quarterly meetings with the Company and are instrumental in making changes. We encourage input. Please e-mail us at
F ive volunteers from the FDX Membership Committee had the pleasure of giving a "Welcome Aboard" presentation on behalf of FDX ALPA to our newest pilots and many of their spouses on 25 July 2017.
The new hires were assigned as MEM based FOs in the MD-11, A-300, B-757 as well as CDG 757. Our newest pilots have a diverse background, hailing from USAF, US Navy, Delta, United, Atlas, Sun Country, Express Jet, GoJet, Compass, PSA, Republic Airlines, Mountain Air Cargo, and Corporate Aviation. Alas, no Marines in this class.
Please join us in welcoming our newest pilots to the FedEx pilot seniority list! The famous caboose seniority number is 4611. WELCOME ABOARD, LADY AND GENTLEMEN
Justin M. Jones, Christopher W. Key, Kevin A. Loughmiller, Eric B. Greene, Quentin D. Mueller, Michael D. Galdieri, Denver R. Amerine, Gregory M. Bennett, Tyler A. Delzeit, Donald E. Risser, II, Brian P. StClaire, Christopher D. Denton, Joseph S. Maxwell, Mary K. Black, Justin P. Rice, Ryan S. Bagby, William G. Szymczak, Robert L. Wagstaff, Cory J. Klimko, Robert L. Collie, Timothy D. Hale *Caboose*
T he following pilots have completed their probationary period with FedEx and are now active ALPA members. Please join me in congratulating these pilots and welcoming them into active membership! Congratulations, ladies and gentlemen!
Michael MiGliacco, Thor Solberg, Adam Bruce, Jesse May, Kristin Huitt, Nathan Oliver, Anthony Fyke, Dante Badia, Erik Ostrum, Michael Attard, David Siress, Brad Worthington, Andy Weymouth, Andrew Whiat, Michael Travis, Sean Curran, Mike Saylor, Terry Wiegland, John Roundtree, Danny Conway, Brian Kotowski, Robert Hansel, Wayne Chitmon, Barry Russell, Jeff Monaghan, Robert Butler, Shane Floyd, Andrew Logan, William Brady, Matthew Vallero, Frank Prokop, Caitlin Baldwin, Jason Smith
May and June Retirements
T he FDX MEC and R&I Committee would like to congratulate the following ALPA members who retired in May and June and to thank them for their years of participation in the Association.
First Officer Richard. L Kingston
Captain Ronald D. Stout
Captain Stephen F. Barthold
Captain Thomas V. Boma
First Officer Robert W. Foltyn
Captain Thomas P. Thompson
Captain Richard L. Martin Jr.
First Officer Dennis R. Ertler
Captain Gwendolyn J. Falcone
Captain Dennis A. Sparks
Captain Scott L. Thurner  
Total Retirements from January to June were 30, of whom 29 were ALPA members.
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