Vice Chairman's Message - 5/26/17
Vice Chairman's Message - 5/26/17


The FedEx St. Jude Classic is just a little over a week away and our pilot volunteers are ready to complete the build of the replica ’65 MK4 Roadster. As you know, the car will be auctioned off with all of the proceeds going to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Additionally, all donations made during this fundraising effort will go directly to St. Jude.

This year's goal is to fund St. Jude for one day—that's right, we want to raise $2.4 million dollars. It may sound nearly impossible, but if every FedEx pilot makes a commitment to raise $500, this goal is more than attaintable!

Now is when we need your help! I invite you to read the letter below from one of our pilots.

Dear friends and fellow pilots, 

I am asking you to take a few minutes to contemplate the following scenario. Imagine you are on a weekend layover in say, Albany, NY. You wake up on Saturday afternoon and call your spouse to see how things are going at home. But she isn't home. It turns out she has taken your son or daughter to the emergency room because that low grade fever has spiked to 105. You are on the first American flight out Sunday morning to get home to your family. Sunday afternoon you arrive at your local children's hospital, stopping only long enough to buy a teddy bear in the gift shop before heading up to your child's room. Your tired and distraught wife greets you with a hug. Your child lies sleeping peacefully in a bed you never wanted to see them in. Soon that little child is whisked away for a bone marrow aspiration.

Your wife, suppose she is a nurse, tells you that if the doctor shows up and asks you to sit down, it's a bad sign. An hour later three doctors walk in the room and ask you to sit down.

In an instant, your world begins to collapse.

You see, it turns out that son who loved to fish with you, or that daughter who left you notes when you came home late at night, hadn't come down with the flu. They had come down with cancer.

The next thing you know you are pushing them in a hospital wheelchair that will start you both on a journey to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. By late afternoon you are filling out admission paperwork in Memphis. They make a copy of your FedEx Insurance card.

And that is the last time you ever think about money. Yeah, you see EOBs come in the mail.

But no one is asking for a co-pay. You never pay the first dime. You work for FedEx, but it wouldn't matter if you worked at Jiffy Lube or KFC - because a guy named Danny Thomas committed to building a hospital dedicated to curing deadly childhood diseases and promised that treatment would be accessible to all children, regardless of their ability to pay. If they are sick enough to need to be brought to Memphis, lodging for their family is provided too.

The doctors, nurses, and scientists at St. Jude work hard for the next two and half years to save your child. And your priorities in life are changed forever. Did you know that Saint Jude is the patron saint of lost causes?

I don't have to imagine that bad dream. I lived it.

And by the way, that kid? My daughter? Her name is Kate. She finally got a real job last summer. She is an associate professor and critical care pediatrician at a teaching hospital in Cleveland. Thanks St. Jude!

Every 5 years, St. Jude flies her back to Memphis for a three-day intensive physical. Because, you see, when I lost my brother to leukemia in 1963, that diagnosis was a death sentence. When Kate was diagnosed in 1994, St. Jude Research had improved the odds to seventy percent for some forms of leukemia. They are now closing in on ninety percent. And she is invited back because for some childhood cancers, the research goal is no longer just survival, but a higher long-term quality of life free from the harsh side effects of chemotherapy. Children all over the world are treated in their local hospitals for these awful diseases, but they are receiving treatment protocols pioneered at St. Jude in Memphis.

Bob needs our support.  

The kids, doctors, and researchers at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital really need our support.

Hug your kids. Count your blessings. And please don't waitclick on the donate link RIGHT NOW and help make a difference.


Dennis Miller, 
B-767 Captain

If you are in the Memphis area on June 7th through the 11th, please stop by the golf tournament and visit your pilot volunteers to show your support as they build this car, and of course, please donate generously to this great cause. What could be better than having FedEx pilots going all out to support St. Jude? To make a donation to this great cause, please click here—no amount is too small!

Fly Safe,

Captain John Cardaci
FedEx MEC Vice Chairman

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