Block 8 Message - 8/18/17
Block 8 Message - 8/18/17


Block 8 Update
August 18, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I wanted to send out a short update for the folks of FDX MEC Council 7, Block 8. First, I’d like to offer a hearty welcome aboard to all our new hires. If there is ever anything you have questions on with work or union matters, contact me anytime. Call at 901-308-3464 (apple phone so I can be reached while overseas via facetime audio) or email at

We started the process this week of sharing and educating the pilot group on our effort to improve retirement. Chairman Chuck Dyer and Sec/Treas Rich Zins held two hub turn meetings discussing current events and the retirement effort to date; much more to come on this in the near future.

Regarding the 767 passover pay issue, settlement discussions are still occurring, and I am optimistic this will be concluded by early Fall. We recently won an arbitration regarding protecting the 48-hour duty free vacation buffer. In this same area, we have completed the beta testing for our CAT (contract answer team) and this should go live soon.

Our displeasure with Appendix S has been raised on numerous occasions with Flight Management. While management has the right to manage, it is obvious that the folks who decided to put this in the FOM don’t get (or care for that matter) what a slap in the face this is to the pilot group. It appears to impugn our collective integrity and professionalism. It needs to be moved to a different manual that is HR in nature. Our job is the most challenging job in the world in regards to airline flying. We pull it off 24/7/365 almost completely without fail. To put Appendix S in the FOM is an affront to all of us.

The sick settlement we reached last year that was implemented this July was a big win for us. If you review the previous sick program verses the settlement, you will see it added definition and clarity regarding how the system will work, and the various avenues to meet the sick “note.”

One last thing of note—while I do not get on any forums (maybe I should), there has been a few among us who continually propagate false rumors and outright lies that are a detriment to our pilot group. Instead of listening to these people, call me, any block rep, or MEC officer. We are all totally transparent on our actions representing you and we can quickly confirm or debunk rumors that arise. Until next time, stay engaged, check out the FDX MEC website for videos and info on current events and most importantly, fly safe.


Don Loepke
Block 8 Rep
LEC 7 

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