2017-09-05 P2P Talking Points (TNT, Contract Enforcement, Jumpseat, FDX MEC LTD)
2017-09-05 P2P Talking Points (TNT, Contract Enforcement, Jumpseat, FDX MEC LTD)


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September 5, 2017

Fellow P2P Reps,

Last week, we published talking points related to grievance, the FOM, dues reconciliation and retirement. Below is the next series of talking points which covers TNT, contract enforcement, jumpseat and FDX MEC LTD. I encourage you to use the talking points as a reference when talking with your fellow pilots. If you would like to download a copy of the talking points provided below, please click here.

As always, if you have questions, please send them our way. Thanks for all you do!

Dave Jones

  • TNT acquisition and integration
    • Ownership of the three 777s acquired as part of the TNT purchase has been transferred from TNT to FedEx and the aircraft are in service.
    • CGN flying remains Europe centric.
    • Construction ongoing for Paris Hub Expansion (2019/2020).
    • Paris will almost double current capacity.
    • Integrate trucking hubs – will see hub and spoke operations from Paris.
    • Earlier in 2017, FedEx moved some European routes from ASL to FedEx
    • Monitoring opposition from European Cockpit Association
    • ASL is now operating 10 B 737 aircraft in Europe displaying FedEx Livery to advance local marketing efforts.

  • Contract Enforcement
    • 3rd paralegal added to team is fully trained
    • The CBA is not self-enforcing. If you have a question about a contractual situation or outcome, contact Contract Enforcement for a review.
    •  If we are unaware of policy changes, then practices can become established without our knowledge.
    • CAT (Contract Answer Team) Development & Beta Testing done. Should go live soon.
    • Substitution Decision Tree Flowchart now available - click here

  • Jumpseat
    • Company introduced new Booking Priority structure (June 8, 2017)
    • Jumpseat Launch Delayed by Company (Releases Sept 18 for reservations Oct 9 and beyond).
    • BP2 Travel for DH utilized by Company to move pilots
    • BP4 Travel In lieu of Company Purchased seat
    • myID Travel Video Tutorial for AA or SWA
  • FDX MEC Supplemental LTD Plan
    • 60% of pilot group enrolled.
    • Rates increased due to extremely high claim rates.
    • 131% Rate Increase
    • ALPA does not make money on this plan.
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