Council 100 Message - 9/8/17
Council 100 Message - 9/8/17


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September 8, 2017

Retirement and Insurance seminars are scheduled for Sunday, October 22 at an LAX hotel and Monday, October 23rd at a Carlsbad (San Diego north county) hotel. Take advantage of these highly beneficial and well-received seminars. Stay tuned for actual locations and times.

The Negotiating Committee recently put out a video explaining DBA use within CBA Section 8.C.2. Knowing it can be confusing and is certainly not an ideal system, though the rolling bank is a significant improvement, I wanted to give a few examples and rules I use. 


April - End the month with no deficit or surplus and no money in DBA.
May - End the month with a surplus of $100.
June - End the month with a $200 deficit.
-  Before hitting SUBMIT, I have the option of using money from my Hotel Bank towards the deficit. I choose not to do this as I may have a surplus the following month I can use towards this deficit.
-  After report is closed by the auditor, I may get a CREW NOTIFICATION telling me I owe $200. However, this is not the correct amount but it comes automatically from the deficit created.
-  Since there was a surplus of $100 in May, 50% of that money will go towards $200 deficit - this is automatic after both (May and Jun) expense reports are closed and all receipts are uploaded.
- You can see this ledger under EXPENSE REPORTS-BANK ALLOWANCE-BANK ALLOWANCE SUMMARY for that month.
- Now I owe $150. This will show up on my future pay stub under DEDUCTIONS as DEVBANK and will come out of my pay.
July - End the month with a surplus of $250.
- Once the report is closed by the auditor, 50% of that $250 will automatically be applied towards Jun deficit of $150. 
-  $125 (50% of $250) will be paid in paycheck and show up under DEDUCTIONS as DEVBANK -$125.
-  You can only apply funds one month backwards, so I can no longer use any DBA funds towards that remaining $25 deficit.
-  I can now create an INSITE report asking for $25 from my Hotel Bank to pay off that deficit.  

1) The application of surplus funds to any deficit is done automatically after pertinent expense reports are closed. There is no notification but you can follow funds under EXPENSE REPORTS-BANK
2) Hotel funds don’t expire. Use your DBA funds first. Do not apply Hotel Funds towards a deficit when submitting expense report unless you are positive you will have no surplus the following month. You can submit an INSITE report after reports are closed requesting Hotel Funds be moved to cover a prior deficit. 
3) You will only be able to allocate hotel funds before submitting a report if there’s an actual deficit. If no deficit, then there will be no option to allocate hotel funds.
4) STATUS REPORTS - CURRENT DEVIATION BANK ALLOCATION BALANCE will display what remaining DBA funds you have.
5) Surplus Funds are reduced by 50% and first applied to any deficit the month prior (only one month back), then remaining funds are carried forward to future months.
6) DBA Funds can only be used on authorized reimbursable expenses - does not include personal first class upgrades and hotel charges that exceed the contract rates.
7) Deficits go to payroll on a schedule. Depending on when reports close (e.g. surplus applied to prior deficit), you may be able to avoid actual payroll deductions if cancelled out by a surplus quickly enough.
8) There is a list of good FAQs under INSITE- DBA.

Under California Labor Code section 233, LAX based pilots can use up to 1/2 of their annual sick leave to attend to the illness of a parent, spouse, child or domestic partner. Under the labor code, illness is broadly defined and different than Family and Medical Leave, which is limited to serious illnesses. If you intend to use sick hours towards caring for a family member make sure you keep an accurate log so as not to exceed 1/2 of your annual sick leave. See CA State FAQs on this subject.

The Scheduling Committee Chairman wrote a good message on this recently. If you are fighting fatigue on a pairing, or if you are otherwise concerned about safety issues related to a pairing, regardless of whether you call in fatigued, please submit a fatigue report. Data collection is critical to making discernable changes. Use the Fatigue Report (under “Reports”) at


ALPA has put together a nice flowchart to help you on decision making when in Substitution.


David Wojtkowski

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