2017-09-14 P2P Talking Points (Jumpseat, Union Engagement Process, Environmental Standards, Lithium Batteries)
2017-09-14 P2P Talking Points (Jumpseat, Union Engagement Process, Environmental Standards, Lithium Batteries)


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September 14, 2017

Fellow P2P Reps,

For the past couple of weeks, we've published talking points on various topics. Below is the next series of talking points which covers updated jumpseat information, union engagement process, environmental standards and lithium batteries. I encourage you to use the talking points as a reference when talking with your fellow pilots. If you would like to download a copy of the talking points provided below, please click here.

As always, if you have questions, please send them our way. Thanks for all you do!

Dave Jones

    • Company introduced new Booking Priority structure (June 8, 2017)
      • For more detailed Jumpseat Information regarding the new Booking Priority structure please click here to read the joint communication between the Negotiating and Jumpseat Committees.
    • Jumpseat Launch Delayed by Company (Releases Sept 18 for reservations Oct 9 and beyond).
    • BP2
      • Travel for DH utilized by Company to move pilots
    • BP4
      • Travel In lieu of Company Purchased seat
      • Travel anytime within 3 days of a company-scheduled activity (e.g., trip, reserve day, ground school/simulator training event, scheduled office day, etc.) regardless of whether the pilot is deviating or has a deviation bank.
    • myID Travel Video Tutorial for AA or SWA
  • Union Engagement Process/Priorities for issues
    • FDX MEC – Best option is to engage Company to make change.
    • ALPA National
      • We are all ALPA
      • Have access to agencies and legislators in the interest of positively influencing decisions which affect the piloting profession
      • Provide protection from litigation
      • Provides comprehensive resources
    • We have the ability to engage issues through:
      • Regulatory
        • ICAO, FAA, TSA, DOT, NTSB, etc.
      • Legislative
        • Industry Watchdogs like Underwriters Laboratories
  • Environmental Standards
    • Improvements
      • Air duct cleaning during periodic aircraft servicing
      • Ozone Converters
        • B777, MD11, B767 (all but 3) are equipped
      • O2 masks are serviced at 1.7 year
      • Drinking water sanitation
      • Lavatory Service
      • Microphone Wind Sleeves
    • Working
      • Disinsection (challenges continue due to changing international regulatory environment)
      • O2 mask replaceable Sanitary Liners/HEPA Inserts
      • Sleep facility cleanliness on aircraft
      • System to clean O2 masks in Simulators
      • Fume Event Training (raise awareness)
  • Lithium Batteries
    • FedEx no longer accepts ICAO section 2 lithium battery only shipments (Section II shipments of electronics packed with or containing lithium batteries are still accepted)..
    • This means that all battery only shipments  are fully declared DG and can be separated from other flammable DG. Risk has been mitigated, but still exists
    • Legislative - Seeking criminalization of illegal shipments of DG.
    • Ongoing regulatory efforts - ICAO (working on airworthiness standards, operating procedures, and DG regulations), Congress, DOT.
    • Packaging/Manufacturing Standards need improvement – We are reaching out to all appropriate agencies.
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