Council 7 Message - 9/18/17
Council 7 Message - 9/18/17


September 18, 2017

Fellow Council 7 Pilots,

On September 13th, the FDX MEC unanimously approved the Settlement Agreement for Administrative Grievance 15-12, Boeing 767 Passover Pay. This settlement has taken over two and a half years due to its complexity, the number of pilots involved, and the sheer size of the monetary award. This settlement represents a milestone for FDX ALPA. We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to FDX ALPA staff, the Grievance Committee, and the FDX ALPA MEC and Officers who persevered to get this settlement for our fellow Union pilots.

This settlement is over $4 million, with slightly less than half of the settlement going to members in LEC 7. All affected pilots will receive their payment on December 29, 2017. With the Boeing 767 Passover Grievance settled, FDX ALPA can finally reconcile and distribute the remainder of the 2015 Signing Bonus. We know that this delay has been extremely frustrating for you, our fellow Union pilots. FDX ALPA hopes to conclude the signing bonus reconciliation over the next month.

For those affected by this grievance, we ask that you follow the procedures laid out in the communication from the Grievance Committee on September 14th. If you feel you should have been included, but don’t see your name, then please follow the procedures for submitting your claim. The deadline for submission is October 13, 2017.

Thank you for your patience!

Don Ray
Block 1 Representative
LEC 7 Chairman

Dave Arrington
Block 4 Representative
LEC 7 Vice Chairman

Don Loepke
Block 8 Representative
LEC 7 Secretary Treasurer


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