Positive Rate Weekly - 9/19/17
Positive Rate Weekly - 9/19/17


Vice chairman's message
R etired FedEx pilot, Vietnam Veteran and 6.5 year POW Captain Joe Crecca is involved in a project to restore a B-52 to be placed at the Vietnam Veterans Air War Memorial Park. Joe asked us to share this with our pilots in hopes of raising much-needed funds for this project. Please take a few moments to read more about this effort and how you can become part of history. From Joe:
In 2015, I became a member of a veterans committee to rescue a Boeing B-52 from a lonely and ignominious existence at Paine Field in Everett, Washington. Our committed goal was to bring this strategic bomber to Boeing Field and place it in a permanent and eminently more dignified final resting place befitting its enduring service especially its final role in the Vietnam Air War. The bomber will be joined by a 9-foot bronze statue of an aviator returning from a mission to honor all veterans of the Vietnam War from all military branches. No other memorial air park will be like this one anywhere in the world. There will be no charge for admission.

Built in 1959, B-52G number 59-2584 flew several missions in Operation Linebacker II in December 1972. This was the final chapter that brought America’s role in the war in Southeast Asia to an honorable end resulting in the repatriation of all our Prisoners-Of-War in early 1973. 

This iconic aircraft will be reconditioned and repainted. When completed, it will be disassembled and transported to its new and final home at the Museum of Flight in The Vietnam Air War Memorial Park. This prodigious undertaking will be completed in 2018 and will cost an estimated $2.2 million dollars. 

This “BUFF” also known as “The Midnight Express” will be the centerpiece of The Vietnam Air War Memorial Park where visitors may come to sit and contemplate. They will reflect upon the sacrifices made by airmen and support personnel from all services who contributed to missions all over Southeast Asia. This memorial acknowledges all the types of aircraft; fixed wing and helicopters, from land and aircraft carriers. Many were shot down and lost their lives or were captured. The soul of this park never forgets the thousands of aircraft and aviators that were lost in the Vietnam Air War

Below are web links, which I invite you to visit, and, if you see fit, to donate however much you are able, to this worthy cause.  This memorial is a tribute to all who served in Vietnam. Thank you in advance for your contribution. Please pass this along to your friends and ask them to do likewise. [Info about the Vietnam Air War Memorial Park] [Donation page]

Many thanks in advance for your generous support!

Joe Crecca

POW, North Vietnam

grievance committee - B767 Passover Settlement agreement
W e recently published several communications regarding the B767 Passover Grievance Settlement Agreement. To view the previously published messages, please click on the links below. For any inquiries related to this settlement agreement, please email or contact the ALPA office at 901-752-8749.
lgg crew issues

Recently one of our crewmembers at a layover hotel in Liege encountered a former TNT crewmember (currently ASL), who verbally chastised him for taking their jobs. Our pilot appropriately declined to engage. The frustration of the former TNT pilots is understandable, but directing that frustration at our pilots is clearly misguided. Several months ago, we spoke with management in anticipation of such an incident. We requested that management arrange for separate layover accommodations, crew rest facilities and crew buses to avoid these confrontations. In addition to the hotel where this incident occurred, Liege crew buses are provided by the airport with the continuing potential of FedEx and ASL crews being on board at the same time; this obviously stands out as an opportunity for direct interaction. Flight management is aware of this problem and they have told us in the past that these outcomes would be avoided, but clearly that has not happened. 

Management needs to address this situation as soon as possible. In the meantime, you should be aware that encounters like this may occur. We of course, will continue to operate the flights that take us to Liege. FedEx is a global company, and as such we operate aircraft throughout the world. When cities within our system pose security issues for our pilots, we expect management to make appropriate arrangements.  Liege is no different. I have spoken to the Chairman of the European Cockpit Association, and asked that he remind the ASL (former TNT) pilots that their issue is not with the FedEx pilots. Please be aware that these individuals will no doubt cross paths with us, and they may very well want to engage you.

If you find yourself confronted, please be respectful and professional, and try to be considerate of the frustration these individuals are experiencing with the life change that the TNT acquisition has created. If that approach does not diffuse the situation, remove yourself from the situation. Please report the incident via an Insite report, and make a call to the Duty Officer. Please send copy of the text from your Insite report to ALPA. These reports will help us continue to advocate for greater separation between pilot groups in Liege and hopefully provide you a safe, harassment free work environment.


Captain Chuck Dyer 
MEC Chairman

W e are currently seeking a volunteer to serve as the Vice Chairman of our Security Committee. In accordance with the FDX MEC Policy Manual, those pilots who desire to be considered for these positions should submit their resumes to MEC Vice Chairman Captain John Cardaci at
All bases Benefits and retirement seminars schedule

Annual enrollment for your 2018 benefits is coming up November 7-21. To help prepare you to make better choices for your family, the FDX MEC R&I Committee and staff will be conducting Benefits Seminars at all bases. These seminars will address the scope of your CBA and ALPA benefits, with emphasis on the new improvements in dental, life, and AD&D insurances, FDA vision, and much more. 

Retirement Seminars will also be provided. These provide an in-depth look into the retiree benefits available, how to access them, and the processes involved. While priority is given to those within in a few years of providing their advance notice of retirement to the Company, they are open to all pilots.
Please bid to attend one of the following dates. Spouses are highly encouraged to attend. Locations and times will be provided in a later communication.
10/14 - CGN - Benefits and Retirement Seminar
10/15 - CGN - Benefits and Retirement Seminar
10/22 - LAX - Benefits and Retirement Seminar
10/23 - LAX - Benefits and Retirement Seminar
10/25 - ANC - Benefits and Retirement Seminar
10/27 - IND - Benefits and Retirement Seminar
11/3 - HKG - Benefits and Retirement Seminar
11/4 - HKG - Benefits and Retirement Seminar
11/10 - MEM - Benefits Seminar
11/20 - MEM - Benefits Seminar
membership committee welcomes new hires
Y our Membership Committee had the pleasure of meeting and welcoming our newest pilots to FedEx. A class of 23 started on September 11th. They came from diverse backgrounds; Atlas, Jet Blue, Southwest, Compass, Endeavor, ExpressJet, Republic, Go-Jet, Aloha Cargo, Honeywell, Corporate, NASA, USAF, USN, ANG and yes, 2 Marines! They were assigned MEM FO on the MD-11, A300, and 757. We also have 2 heading to HKG and 1 to CGN. The famous caboose number is 4677. Please join me in welcoming aboard our latest new hires.
Eric Lopkoff, John Koppel, Scott Nyberg, Conner Wong, Dave Brown, John Stansfield, Bill Walker III, Alexander McMahon, Bob Werneth, Kyle Self, Ian Stone, Matt Barbee, Tim Morris, Greg Gaff, Joel Taylor, Jennifer Koch, Daniel Powell, Dave Little, Jesse Maugans, Daniel Johnson, Bill Rieke, Brad Lane, and John Reece.
Captain Vic Tansey
FDX Membership Chairman
From the Membership Committee – Crescent Club Information
The Crescent Club would like to extend their offer for membership at reduced rates for the FedEx pilots of ALPA. Joining the Crescent Club in Memphis opens the door to multiple benefits around the country as well as internationally. There are Club Corp facilities at most of our major layover cities; many are within a short walk from our layover hotels as highlighted in the flyer provided below. For more detailed information, please select one of options in the graphic provided below.
PILOT ASSISTANCE TEAM HOTLINE (PATH) is looking to expand and is need of pilot peers. PATH training will be held October 10-12 in Memphis. If you are interested, or have any questions, contact the PATH interim Chairman Kandy Bernskoetter,, 773-405-4354
pr_fedexlogo_jk(1).pngHAVE YOU SEEN THIS NEW ICON ON THE PILOT IPAD? The description below will explain this feature.
Workday is a computer application that replaces Prism. It is managed by the Human Resources department at FedEx Express. Workday manages personal data like job position, legal address, pay and benefit summaries, and other important employment information.
Previously, pilots could access Prism on PFC by selecting Resources from the purple menu bar and then selecting Mainframe from the resulting drop down menu. Users would then sign into IMS and select the number 1 to enter the Prism system.
The Mainframe link on PFC has now been changed to Workday. Since pilots no longer have a need to be in the IMS system, there is no longer a link to the mainframe or IMS. Pilots can access Workday directly from the PFC link. For payroll functions that used to be contained in Prism, pilots should be accessing the My Payroll link located just above the Workday link from the Resources menu on PFC.
This gets us to the new Workday URL icon that appeared on the iPad home screen. That icon is merely a web link to the new Workday system described above. For security reasons, this link must use the Browser application on the pilot iPad. Because of this, when you tap on the Workday URL icon, it will respond with a question “Open in Browser?” (see the separate article Browser Update for limitations regarding the Browser application and  related information.)
Both the Workday URL icon on the pilot iPad and the Workday link on PFC are means for pilots to navigate to the new Workday system. Pilot requirements to visit Workday should be minimal. There is an initial requirement for pilots to enter Workday and sign an Electronic Consent Form. This is an agreement to electronic management of Human Relations forms regarding employment, benefits, legal notices, etcetera. You can expect to receive email reminders until you complete this requirement.
Pilots can learn more about Workday features by navigating to the following link and selecting English to access the material.
* Thank you to Captain Al Brucker, FedEx Flight Ops iPad Support, for providing us with this useful information. 
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