Council 22 Message - 9/22/17
Council 22 Message - 9/22/17


Unity—what’s the value, what’s the cost?

The origin of unity goes all the way back to the beginning of human history. It was understood that together, we are stronger. To unite as one brings value to us all.  

In the past, there have been competing goals that have allowed us to lose focus and take our eye off the unified goals. Rest assured, the other side remains united in achieving their goals. 

Since taking office, there have been a few emails stating that a few members have lost faith in ALPA. While this is an emotional statement, it still needs to be addressed. Saying you have lost faith in your union means you see a problem in your union that you have not been able to fix. Whether or not these members got involved, they saw a problem and that problem caused them doubt. The biggest part of this problem is this—you are ALPA. This is your union. If you don’t get involved, others will. It is time we let our voices be heard and unite. 

As members of your MEC, our number one goal and focus is unity. Having a unified voice is our strength. No one else is going to champion our cause. It is still true today—we sink or swim together.

Looking at past problems and choosing to allow those issues to influence the future can lead to the same problems and the same results. Clearly, we need to focus on our future and our unity. 

Please consider getting involved with your union and the issues we face together. If we do not speak with one voice, there is the potential to be misunderstood or not heard at all. 

Misinformation is divisive. It does not promote unity, yet it still happens. One wonders the motives of someone who overtly misinforms. We share the costs of this misinformation in lost unity and the resources needed to provide the correct information to all the members that received the misinformation. Now more than ever, we face issues from all sides, and together, we can answer the call. 

Unity also comes from education. Your MEC website contains a wealth of information. Whether you are looking for information or help, look to our website ( There are links to hot topics, pilot services, travel assistance, contract information, and so much more. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with this resource.  The information is updated continually. Also, consider signing up for TextCaster if not already registered as well as updating your phone number and email address on file with your union.

As always, fly professionally and fly safe.

DJ Shaw
LEC 22 Chairman
Block 2 Rep
Brian Hoffman
LEC 22 Vice Chairman
Block 5 Rep
Ian Thompson
LEC 22 Secretary/Treasurer
Block 7 Rep
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