Positive Rate Weekly - 10/3/17
Positive Rate Weekly - 10/3/17


Solar cosmic radiation guidance
L ast week, ALPA published Solar Cosmic Radiation Guidance in the ALPA FastRead. The FDX ALPA MEC would like to commend First Officer Melisa Klink for bringing this to our attention, and the ALPA Engineering and Air Safety Department for diligence in developing this guidance.
If you missed it, click here to read the Guidance for Pilots. If you are interested in receiving alerts from the Space Weather Prediction Center, please  click here
from the membership committee
T he following pilots have completed their probationary period with FedEx and are now active ALPA members. Please join me in congratulating the pilots and welcome them into Active Membership! Congratulations, ladies and gentlemen! 
Captain Vic Tansey
Membership Committee Chairman 
Pat Day, Bill Sparrow, Bob Kryzak, Brooks Walters, Jody Robertson, Nick Meyer, Rush Taylor, Anthony Russo, Matt Terpstra, Davis Nagle, Jon Olekszyk, Brett Dresden, Kyle Petkovsek, John Tucker, Jerry Mellon, Cliff Camamile, Brian Way, Will Smith, Clay Williams, Dave Moss, Bill Miller, Mike Waters, Jessica Conaster, Leif Eckholm, Joe Remmenga, Ashley Bower, Derick Nicholas, Jim Dalton, Jeb Shehan, Lin Jacques, Jacob Marcisz, Kris Person, Eric Sederman, Ryan Scoggin, and James Taylor III. 
W e are currently seeking a volunteer to serve as the Vice Chairman of our Security Committee. In accordance with the FDX MEC Policy Manual, those pilots who desire to be considered for these positions should submit their resumes to MEC Vice Chairman Captain John Cardaci at
Message from contract enforcement

1. Section 4.U. of the 2015 CBA includes an added provision which provides 1 CH of pay for aircraft ground operations performed for a purpose other than flight during a trip or base standby. For example, if during a trip you complete an engine run-up to facilitate maintenance of an aircraft, you may be eligible for an additional 1 CH of pay. If you think you are due the additional compensation, please submit a pay log.

Section 4.U. Taxi Pay
1. A pilot who reports for or performs aircraft ground operations for a
purpose other than flight, not during a trip or base standby, shall earn 3
CH or duty rig, whichever is greater.
2. A pilot who reports for or performs aircraft ground operations for a
purpose other than flight, during a trip or base standby, shall earn 1 CH
in addition to all other compensation due. This additional 1 CH shall be
payable upon the pilot’s submission of a pay log.
2. An originally scheduled R-24 base hotel standby trip cannot be revised to include additional base hotel standby periods. Section 25.M.3.a.vii.(b) was included in the 2015 CBA to prevent this type of scheduling.
Section 25.M.3.a.
vii.       If, due to a shortage of non R-24 pilots, an R-24 pilot is needed
in his base for shorter notification, he may be assigned
to base hotel standby for a block or a portion of a block of
(a) Any assignment to base hotel standby will be for a minimum
of two days and a maximum of four consecutive
days and shall cover the RP for which there is a shortage.
(b) The pilot’s originally scheduled R-24 base hotel standby
trip may not be revised to include additional base hotel
standby periods.
(c) If the Company assigns a trip to a pilot placed in base
hotel standby under this provision, and the trip terminates
after the conclusion of the original hotel standby assignment,
the pilot shall be deemed to have completed the
hotel standby assignment and shall return to his original
R-24 schedule.
(d) Any assignment to base hotel standby shall be made in
leveling order, as provided in Section 25.M.6. An R-24 pilot
shall not be assigned to a base airport standby without
first having been assigned to base hotel standby.

 If you have any questions, please contact Contract Enforcement at 

I t’s that time of year again! Leaves are turning, a chill is in the air, and Peak will soon be upon us. As we enter the busiest time of the year for FedEx, ALPA would like to extend a sincere thank you to our Military members who serve our country. With increasing global tensions and challenging budget constraints, the “busiest time of the year” often occurs year-around in the military, without regard to the cyclical business demands of your employer.
ALPA AND FEDEX ARE WELL AWARE of the challenges our service men and women face as they continue to balance their military duties with family responsibilities and FedEx obligations. The ALPA Military Affairs Committee would like to remind our crewmembers that if they are able to delay or defer military duties during Peak, it would assist the company as they face the manning challenges of Peak. When unable to accommodate the company desires for deferral during Peak, crewmembers should attempt to notify the company of pending MLA duties as soon as possible to alleviate last-minute disruptions to crew manning during this busy time. As provided in USERRA, your employer has the right to request a deferral of any military duty that will adversely impact their operations.
Title 20 Chapter IX Part 1002- Regulations Under USERRA
§1002.104 Is the employee required to accommodate his or her employer's needs as to the timing, frequency or duration of service?
No. The employee is not required to accommodate his or her employer's interests or concerns regarding the timing, frequency, or duration of uniformed service. The employer cannot refuse to reemploy the employee because it believes that the timing, frequency or duration of the service is unreasonable. However, the employer is permitted to bring its concerns over the timing, frequency, or duration of the employee's service to the attention of the appropriate military authority. Regulations issued by the Department of Defense at 32 CFR 104.4 direct military authorities to provide assistance to an employer in addressing these types of employment issues. The military authorities are required to consider requests from employers of National Guard and Reserve members to adjust scheduled absences from civilian employment to perform service.
ALPA feels that Peak 2017 will see a significant shift in the tone and demeanor of these requests from FedEx as we welcome a new Military Affairs Liaison at FedEx.   In fact, our membership demands it. We have the following expectations regarding Peak 2017:
If your CBA rights such as Secondary Line construction, Bid Line adjustments and Open Time trading are compromised due to the company dragging their feet in processing MLA notifications, please contact the ALPA Military Affairs Committee, as we will be gathering metrics to forward along to the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) in order to determine if excessive delays in MLA processing meets the Department of Labor (DOL) threshold for harassment.  
The company has a right to ask you to defer your military service. You have the obligation to reply to that request in whatever manner your operational tempo at your units will allow. If any of your Unit Commanders receive a phone call from the company regarding deferral of military service, please contact the ALPA Military Affairs Committee immediately so that we may follow up with unit commanders to confirm the tone of those conversations. ALPA expects that all communications from the company will originate with the company’s current Military Liaison, Jack Ramsaur.
If you are rapidly approaching a trip or assignment that will impact MLA, you are not required to do any additional actions. VIPS notification of your MLA is all that is required. If the company waits until the last minute to process that notification, you are not responsible for showing for that trip. Contact ALPA and we will ensure that this is documented. Under USERRA, you are only required to notify the company.
All of the above items were areas of great concern for our crewmembers last Peak, and it is ALPA’s sincere expectation that the new FedEx Military Liaison, Jack Ramsaur will usher in a new era of respectful dialogue with our military members. Our experience with Jack thus far indicates that he is an advocate for our military members as they balance their military commitments with FedEx duties. Fly safe, continue upholding the highest standards of honesty and integrity that our military members have always displayed, and thank you for your service.
ALPA is very pleased to welcome Jack Ramsaur as the company’s new Military Affairs Liaison. Jack has a sterling reputation both here at FedEx as well as in the Air Force, where he retired as a General Officer after 37 years. Marking a significant shift in military relations, Jack has included the ALPA Military Affairs Committee in the new hire military brief during Basic Indoc. Our continued cooperation will hopefully usher in a true partnership that aligns FedEx and ALPA’s stated goals with regards to military duty: “To assist our crew members as they navigate the challenges of balancing the three pillars of reserve service: Family, Military, and FedEx.”
membership committee welcomes new hires
ON TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th, THE MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE had the pleasure of welcoming 10 new pilots and several of their spouses to the FedEx family. They come to us from a diverse background, including JetBlue, Allegiant, SkyWest, Air Wisconsin, US Air Force, US Navy, Air National Guard and various corporate flight departments. 
The new hires were awarded MEM MD-11, A-300, and B-757. The famous caboose seniority number is 4687. 
Please help us welcome: 
Pat Veillette, Eric Wayman, Steve Kendel, Gary Nelson, Mayon Wheeless, Brady Merrill, Patrick Clever, Peter Salvatore, Eric Baker, and caboose John Kennedy. 
All bases Benefits and retirement seminars schedule

Annual enrollment for your 2018 benefits is coming up November 7-21. To help prepare you to make better choices for your family, the FDX MEC R&I Committee and staff will be conducting Benefits Seminars at all bases. These seminars will address the scope of your CBA and ALPA benefits, with emphasis on the new improvements in dental, life, and AD&D insurances, FDA vision, and much more. 

Retirement Seminars will also be provided. These provide an in-depth look into the retiree benefits available, how to access them, and the processes involved. While priority is given to those within in a few years of providing their advance notice of retirement to the Company, they are open to all pilots.

Please bid to attend one of the following dates. Spouses are highly encouraged to attend. Locations and times will be provided in a later communication.

10/14 - CGN - to register for the Benefits and Retirement Seminar click here
10/15 - CGN - to register for the Benefits and Retirement Seminar click here
10/22 - LAX - to register for the Benefits and Retirement Seminar click here
10/23 - LAX - to register for the Benefits and Retirement Seminar click here
10/25 - ANC - to register for the Benefits and Retirement Seminar click here
10/27 - IND - to register for the Benefits and Retirement Seminar click here
11/3 - HKG - to register for the Benefits and Retirement Seminar click here
11/4 - HKG - to register for the Benefits and Retirement Seminar click here
11/10 - MEM - to register for the Benefits Seminar click here
11/20 - MEM - to register for the Benefits Seminar click here

From the Membership Committee – Crescent Club Information
The Crescent Club would like to extend their offer for membership at reduced rates for the FedEx pilots of ALPA. Joining the Crescent Club in Memphis opens the door to multiple benefits around the country as well as internationally. There are Club Corp facilities at most of our major layover cities; many are within a short walk from our layover hotels as highlighted in the flyer provided below. For more detailed information, please select one of options in the graphic provided below.
The following is an Executive Summary of a change to Pilot Spare iPad program. (You can access a full article containing all the details on the iPad Support site):
• The pilot spare iPad program in Memphis has changed.
• Duty Officers will authorize a spare and Flight Coordinators will issue the spare.
• Spares now require a full setup (plan on 45 minutes to an hour).
• A guide will be provided for the setup. Do NOT ask Flight Coordinators for setup assistance.
• A spare iPad is only on LOAN. It must be promptly WIPED and RETURNED when your trip is complete.
• If you need a replacement for a broken or stolen iPad, execute a separate transaction with iPad Support.
Thank you for your attention to these new procedures.

* Thank you to Captain Jeff Garmen, FedEx Flight Ops iPad Support, for providing us with this useful information. 

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