Chairman's Message - 10/27/17
Chairman's Message - 10/27/17


R&I Committee Chair Resignation

Over the last few weeks, an MEC governance challenge developed regarding a decision made by the Chairman of the R&I Committee Captain Ken Binder. The issue arose when he added a former MEC representative to the R&I Committee. Many members of the MEC objected to this addition, so ultimately the decision to allow this individual to join the committee was placed in the hands of the entire MEC. After a lengthy debate, an MEC majority decided to prohibit this individual from joining the R&I Committee, though the entire MEC did unanimously decide to add this same individual to the Pilot Benefit Review Board, a sub-committee of the R&I Committee.

Ultimately, the R&I Committee Chairman elected to resign as Chairman of the R&I Committee. In the aftermath, other members of the committee elected to follow suit and resign as well. As it stands, they will continue until November 21st, when new leadership will step in. Captain Binder, along with our R&I benefit specialist are continuing to provide the benefit and retirement seminars scheduled at all of our domiciles.

Captain Dave Chase, former Chairman of the R&I Committee, has graciously accepted the interim appointment as R&I Chairman in order to rebuild the R&I Committee. We expect no disruption in essential services as the ALPA staff benefits specialists remain in place.

Your Negotiating Committee Chairman, Captain Pat May, along with Negotiating Committee members Captain Mike Weskalnies (former R&I Committee Chairman), and Captain Jim Plover, remain in place as the managers of the retirement development project as they have been since the project began over 20 months ago. Captain Binder has offered his continued assistance as that project continues.

These are personally difficult decisions for all concerned, and in the aftermath, it is important that we thank these individuals for their past service, and consider the path forward. Personnel decisions are the most difficult any elected leadership faces, and the divisive political effect is predictable in such situations. No doubt, many competing versions and opinions of how this occurred will circulate, but at the end of the day, your elected MEC representatives and Captain Binder have made their decisions and the business of the Association goes on. Thank you for understanding how difficult this has been for all concerned.



Captain Chuck Dyer
FedEx MEC Chairman

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