Positive Rate Weekly - 10/31/17
Positive Rate Weekly - 10/31/17


t gives me great pleasure to forward this email to you from MD-11 First Officer Christine Miller. I say it all the time; no other pilot group can match the character of the FedEx crew force. Please be sure to thank Christine when you see her. She had a great idea and asked for your help, and you all came running. How great is that! Each and every one of you who contributed should take pride in knowing that you helped many families in need. Well done!
Fly Safe,
hank you so much to everyone who has supported the hurricane relief efforts for Puerto Rico! In about two week's time, we have raised more than $10,000 to buy supplies for our FedEx colleagues in SJU and BQN!!! Thank you to those who have donated so generously, thank you to the crews who have hauled this stuff with them on their flights, thank you to those who have purchased and delivered goods on your own, and thank you to those who have reached out and offered your assistance! I am overwhelmed by the response and incredibly grateful for all the support.
I cannot begin to convey the extreme gratitude that both ramps have expressed. I get emails daily telling me that the supplies our pilots have donated have really made a significant difference in their lives. They are so humble and so genuinely thankful for all of the help they have received and wanted to make sure I let you all know that we, as a pilot group, have made a HUGE impact. They couldn't be more grateful for the showing of love and support. If you'd like to contribute but haven't yet had a chance, you can PayPal me using my email address: av8chick@aol.com. Or email me for my mailing address if you'd like to send a check. 
Thank you again! I'm so proud of our crew force!
P.S. If you live locally, please know that a few local businesses have also helped support our colleagues! The Sprouts in Germantown donated $130 worth of fresh fruit and vegetables (I'd asked them for a discount, but they just gave it to me for free!) and Dunkin Donuts in Germantown donated 12 dozen donuts! In addition, the Walgreens by Houston Levee and Wolf River gave me the employee discount to buy some supplies!


Please remember to take a few moments and designate your Casualty Assistant Liaison (CAL). This simple process will provide a liaison between your family and FedEx in case of a tragic event. Your CAL would act as a point of contact for your family with FedEx and FDX ALPA if the need ever arises. For more information, please click here.
souly for you seeking volunteers


As we've previously shared, Souly For You is our brand-new website for health in aviation. The intention of our website is to use our findings not only for our own actualization and awakening, but also as a way to serve and awake others. This service can take many forms, especially to help, heal, teach, and offer the benefits for the awakening of all. We envision this website as a one-stop shop for inspiration, guidance, and a safe place to explore health and lifestyle options through articles, online videos, and multimedia sources. In order to keep our website up-to-date and filled with the latest information, we need volunteers. Take a look at our new website and contact me at Reyne.OShaughnessy@alpa.org if you are interested in volunteering! 

We are currently compiling the results of the recent health survey and want to thank those of you who took the time to participate. The contribution that you have made was critical to the survey's success. As a result, we have learned more about our pilots from pregnancy to cancer. Please continue to read the Positive Rate each week as we will be publishing the results of the survey very soon! 

he Jumpseat and Security Committees are collecting data regarding safety and security issues related to jumpseat riders. The company is presently operating under an FAA deviation from FAR 121.547 to use flight deck seats for non-pilots. As you know, this deviation also allows direct access to the flight deck, by non-pilots on any aircraft without an IRCD. In some cases, even placing a non-pilot in the cockpit in front of the IRCD.
If you have already or experience anything unusual with a flight deck, or for that matter, ANY jumpseat rider, rather it be pilot or non-pilot; please use either of the forms available at the below links to document the incident.  
In addition, we highly recommend you complete an ASAP report and/or flight safety or aircrew security report. Some incidents may even require a NASA report, but no matter what report you use, be sure and copy ALPA on the incident. 
Examples of things that should generate a report, may include but are not limited to things such as:
•    Sterile cockpit violations (below 10K and within 1000’ of level off)
•    Air sickness or other illness (claustrophobia, panic, heart issues, vomiting)
•    Critical phase of flight distractions (moving, standing, noise, dropping items)
•    Non-compliance with crewmember instructions
•    Inability to effectively demonstrate emergency equipment
•    Flash photography
•    Being contacted by management regarding any denial
•    Electronic device use, or disruptions in the flight deck (talking on or ringing phone, light from other devices)
•    Ignoring, or inattention or belligerence during jumpseat briefing (seat belts, standing, talking or texting during briefing, entering or exiting the cockpit)
•    Any observed unusual behavior
•    FFDO or SSI issues
The above are just examples, but we highly suggest you report any anomalies as soon as possible.
All bases Benefits and retirement seminars schedule

ANNUAL ENROLLMENT FOR YOUR 2018 BENEFITS is coming up November 7-21. To help prepare you to make better choices for your family, the FDX MEC R&I Committee and staff will be conducting Benefits Seminars at all bases. These seminars will address the scope of your CBA and ALPA benefits, with emphasis on the new improvements in dental, life, and AD&D insurances, FDA vision, and much more. 

Retirement Seminars will also be provided. These provide an in-depth look into the retiree benefits available, how to access them, and the processes involved. While priority is given to those within in a few years of providing their advance notice of retirement to the Company, they are open to all pilots.
Please bid to attend one of the following dates. Spouses are highly encouraged to attend. Locations and times will be provided in a later communication.

11/3 - HKG - to register for the Benefits and Retirement Seminar click here
11/4 - HKG - to register for the Benefits and Retirement Seminar click here
11/10 - MEM - to register for the Benefits Seminar click here
11/20 - MEM - to register for the Benefits Seminar click here
Captain Mark Newsome retired on October 30th and submitted the following retirement announcement. We would like to congratulate Captain Newsome and wish him all the best as he enters into retirement. 
T hey say luck and timing are a big part of any successful endeavor, and my career is certainly no exception. Yes, you still have to have the qualifications and experience, and in our business you have to play bet-your-job every six months or so, but I'm living proof that luck and timing still play a big part.
I met Bill McKelvy at a now-defunct little airport in Southaven, MS one day in the mid-80s. We did a little flying together and he wound up taking my resumé in to Frank Fato and asking him to give me a call (Remember when you could do that?). Well, Frank had someone call and ask me to come in. Naturally, I got all excited and rushed right over, but it turned out he only wanted a different breakdown of my flight time and didn't have time or even want to talk to me right then. Definitely NOT the big interview I had envisioned. Anyway, as I was slinking out, Margaret Simpson (Bless Her Soul!) said, "Psst! You don't need to be talking to Frank. You need to talk to Sam Davis. Call him in a couple of days. He'll be expecting you."  Very lucky break number 1.
So I called Sam and had a nice little chat. I began coming over about once a month to see him for 5 or 10 minutes and hand him an updated resumé; I was flying about 100 hours a month then over at Northwest AirLink.
Sam eventually explained that when someone cancelled or no-showed for an interview (I guess it happened occasionally), he'd try to fill the slot with someone local that he was familiar with and who could come on short notice. Well, that happened in September 1987 and I got the call! Very lucky break number 2.
Somehow I passed the interview and sim check and got put in the pool with a tentative class date of December 28. But on December 14, Jill Long (Bless Her Heart!) called and said someone no-showed for class and Frank wanted to know if I wanted to start two weeks early! Wow! Very lucky break number 3.
I've had several other lucky breaks in my life, both before and during my time at FedEx, but you get my drift. Yes, I worked hard to prepare and be ready. But, I completely understand that things could have gone very differently, so I never take the lucky breaks and other good things that come my way for granted, and I try to show appreciation for the blessings in my life by sharing them with others and "paying it forward" as I can.
Words can't adequately express my thanks and appreciation to Mr. Smith and FedEx for the wonderful career I've enjoyed. The same goes for all the Captains, First Officers, Second Officers, Instructors, Check Airmen, and the like who kept me out of trouble and showed me what it means to be an airline pilot. I've tried to emulate the best of them, and to whatever extent I've succeeded as a Captain, it's due to their example. I will definitely miss the camaraderie of hanging out together on extended layovers and the sense of accomplishment from working as a crew to make a difficult flight seem routine in the end.
I won't, however, miss getting up at o-dark-thirty and leaving for a two-week soirée around the world. That pleasure I gladly and cheerfully pass on to a younger generation. Have fun, boys and girls, and keep those retirement checks comin'...
If anybody wants to stay in touch, Ann and I plan to hang around Manchester, NH for the near future at least. Shoot me an email at "fdxav8r@me.com" and I'm sure we can find time to swap stories over iced tea out on the veranda.
iOs 11 App Dock/Control Center
T he latest Apple iOS update 11.0.3 brings many new changes to the user interface including a redesign of the apps dock and the control center. 
The app dock still features a row for your 6 most used apps. To add to the dock, tap and hold on an app and then drag the app to the bottom row. The last 3 apps displayed are your most recently used apps.
The control center has also been redesigned. The included controls are now on the right side of the screen. They are brought up by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, which is also how you close apps. Tap and hold each icon for additional features. You can also customize which control cneter options appear by going to Settings>then "Control Center." 
It is our goal in Flight Ops iPad Support, to continue to provide you with helpful information. 
* Thank you to FedEx Flight Ops iPad Support for providing us with this useful information. 
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