Tundra Tidbits - 11/1/17
Tundra Tidbits - 11/1/17


The Tundra Tidbits

Hello Fellow Far North Flyers,

Our fantastic cadre of instructor pilots here in Anchorage have asked us to remind you that on Saturday, November 4th they will be hosting “Family Day” activities in our sim building, (3401 Postmark Drive) between 10am and 3pm. Snacks and activities, including simulator rides will be offered.

Professional Standards (Pro-Stans) volunteers are now fully trained and operational in Anchorage should any issues arise requiring their expertise and training. Pro-Stans handles C.R.M. issues, personality conflicts, communications problems, non-adherence to S.O.P., etc., while remaining neutral and non-judgmental throughout the resolution of the issue. Please call them whenever you need help with an issue that you are unable to resolve. They can be reached at 1-866-FDX-ALPA or FedEx-ProStan@alpa.org.

A friendly reminder to all that discounted shipping rates on FedEx are only to be used for personal use and are limited to the employee, spouse/partner and/or eligible dependents. Please review the company policy on this if you have any questions.

Todd, TJ and I are honored and humbled to serve as your elected representatives. As an “out-based” LEC with only one vote, we are actually a microcosm of the entire crew force, representing not only the most junior member of our base, but the most senior as well. You have our continuing commitment that we will do this with the same effort, diligence and representation for all.

As you must know by now, Anchorage Captain Dave Chase has agreed to become the interim R&I chairman until a permanent chairman and committee can be recruited and trained. With his appointment to this position, we are all in very good hands. Please thank him for agreeing to carry the preverbal baton the next time you see him.

Todd, TJ and I wish to thank Captain Ken Binder and the outgoing R&I team for their years of service to our pilot group and to this Union.

Be safe out there,

Bob, Todd and TJ

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