Council 26 Message - 11/3/17
Council 26 Message - 11/3/17


Fellow Council 26 Members:

We have received numerous questions regarding the recent resignation of the R&I Committee Chairman after his selection of an additional member to his committee was disallowed by MEC Chairman Chuck Dyer, as well as your MEC’s overwhelming support of Captain Dyer’s decision. Additionally, we are aware that there is a considerable amount of misinformation proliferating on this topic within social media outlets. As such, we offer the following in the hopes that it clarifies the issue.

This MEC is laser focused on achieving meaningful improvements to the A Plan (a goal not achieved in the 2015 CBA) agreeing with professional financial analysts and pension experts in their views that an A Plan/B Plan combination for all pilots on our property is the best approach.

Such was not always the case. In fact, we are grateful for the past negotiating efforts in 2014 of Block 1 Rep Don Ray, Block 2 Rep Jim Mumby, Block 3 Rep Russ Sklenka, Block 5 Rep Jamie Morton, Block  7 Rep Rich Zins, Block 8 Rep Steve Donovan, ANC Rep Dan Garcia, and CGN Rep Pat May in preserving A Plan benefits for new hires. If the new hire pilots had been carved out of the A Plan in the 2015 CBA, then the entire crew force would be worse off now for lack of incentive on the part of the company to entertain alternative concepts which benefit us all.

Moving forward, in your Council 26 Officers’ unanimous opinion the appointment of individuals with a history of support for a combination A Plan/B Plan is paramount.  Hence our decision to uphold MEC Chairman Chuck Dyer’s exclusion of an individual from the R&I Committee, even with the full understanding that the R&I Chairman might resign as a result.

Also keep in mind that current research and development of A Plan enhancements falls under the purview of the Negotiating Committee supported by the R&I Committee. Our Negotiating Committee is an extremely capable team comprised of Captains Pat May (former CGN Rep, NST Chairman, and Membership Chairman), Mike Weskalnies (former R&I Chairman and practicing ERISA benefits attorney), and Jim Plover (former member of both the FRC and FOQA Committees). In addition, they are using some of the foremost experts in the world on retirement plans and professional negotiating.

Your MEC is in good and steady hands. Please do not be misled by the self-proclaimed ‘experts’ who are not involved.  We hope this email helps shed some light on our decision process. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss this or any other issue.

See you on the line,

Michael Arcamuzi
Block 11 Representative 901-210-0701

Pete Harmon
Block 3 Representative

Anita Shew
Block 6 Representative


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