Council 100 Message - 11/10/17
Council 100 Message - 11/10/17


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November 10, 2017

CRS has recently used CBA 25.M.3.b.ii to change normal RA/RB pilots from a 3-hour callout to a 1.5-hour callout. This part of the contract requires the Company to provide a hotel, but you are not in Hotel Standby, and there is no requirement to be in the hotel. You are not on an assigned trip and if not utilized, must be returned to R3 after your normal assignment period (e.g. 1200 for RA, 0000 for RB). If CRS does put you on a 1.5-hour callout, please backfill me so we can track its use.

If you get awarded a Secondary Line with carryover (from the previous bid month) into that line or recurrent training AND you elect to protect min days off, be advised that if Futures cannot build you a line within the spread (and protecting min days off), they may assign Priority Non-Premium (carryover conflicts-see 25.D.2.g) or General Make-Up (recurrent training conflicts-see 4.I.4.b). Instead of having your line “bought up” to monthly minimums, you’ll end up with make-up hours. We typically have only seen this with very inefficient trips remaining in open time during the secondary process (trips that touch 3 days but pay well under R-day value for example).  .

If you happen to hit the trigger requiring a sick note, the Company Crew Notification may use verbiage like “You are requested to provide a written statement from your physician…” Remember, under the Sick Settlement, you have the option of discussing it with your ACP (his designee) or the Company aeromedical advisor (Harvey Watt 800-241-6103, x240, 404-767-7501) to satisfy this requirement. Please see previously published communications on this subject:
July 8, 2017 MEC FastRead – Sick Tracking Activation System
July 27, 2017 MEC FastRead – “Rumors on Sick” or “Sick of Rumors”

When the Pilots’ Money Purchase Pension Plan merged into the Pilots’ Retirement Savings Plan (PRSP) the week of January 1, 2017, beneficiary information was not transferred. As a result, you need to re-elect your PRSP beneficiary(ies), if you have not yet done so. 
Contact Vanguard Participant Services at 1.800.523.1188 for assistance or elect PRSP beneficiaries online:

•        Log on to your account at
•        Select the My Profile tab
•        Choose Beneficiaries


I hope you all had a chance to read the recent comm from the Negotiating Committee Chairman about the status of the retirement improvement plan—a new type of defined benefit plan that would potentially create better security and higher monetary returns. We want to emphasize there is no negotiating going on now. The recent meeting with the Company was merely to introduce a concept and give them time to decide if they are even interested in negotiating before we spend time and money down that path. As planned, the education effort has begun and will continue to be provided to you in various media. Your support or lack of will be actively sought by the MEC utilizing various surveys.

If, down the line, you tell the MEC you want to negotiate and a future LOA retirement change is produced, as always, it would require crew force ratification. I have heard from several of you on this subject and would encourage you, after receiving sufficient education, to give me your thoughts. We represent you and would only support an effort that could offer every pilot an improvement.

I’m disappointed that R&I Chairman Ken Binder resigned but empathize with his reasoning. I strongly supported Ken in his committee manning decisions and believe his value to the crew force was tremendous. However, I’m hopeful that his remaining on as the ALPA National R&I Chairman will allow his expertise to support our retirement improvement effort.

In closing, please continue to let us know of issues you have—contractual or non-contractual. We can’t help you or inform the rest of the base on issues if we don’t know about them. Even if you submit an INSITE report or get a problem successfully resolved, please let us know.

David Wojtkowski

Scott Seyfarth
Vice Chairman

Chad Conner
Secretary Treasurer

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