Council 500 Update - 11/10/17
Council 500 Update - 11/10/17


COUNCIL 500 UPDATE – November 10, 2017

Helping Eneida’s Family, and Retirement Links

As many of you may or may not know, Eneida Iozzio, one of our long-time Flight Coordinators in Indy Flight Ops, has family (mother, brother, & cousins) that live in Puerto Rico and were hard hit by the multiple hurricanes that swept across the island this Fall. As she has been an immense help and friend to many of us who fly through IND over the years, we would like you to be aware of an opportunity to help her family recover from their devastating loss this summer. According to Eneida, the biggest need right now is for cash to purchase gasoline for a generator that powers their refrigerator and lights at night. Other needs will follow as soon as basic infrastructure is re-established. Here is a link to a page where you can assist Eneida’s family:

Eneida asked us to pass along her thanks to all those who have contributed thus far.

Last Friday, the Negotiating Committee put out a communication that has EXTREMELY valuable information on the Retirement Project, but two hyperlinks are at the very end of the message, and may get lost in the “chaff.” We just want to bring attention to those, and encourage EVERYONE to follow these links, and (at a minimum) watch the 15-minute voice-over PowerPoint discussion that can answer A LOT of questions that you may have about the Retirement Research Project. That link is here: This second link leads you to a lot of resources about the retirement project, including the FAQs:
While Mike, Dave, and I are familiar with the goals and direction of these efforts, we are not financial experts. We don’t expect you to become experts overnight either, but we DO ask that you carve some time out of your busy lives and become as well educated on this information as possible. I also realize that details are currently few and far-between, but please don’t be frustrated; this is a lengthy process that involves you the pilots, the MEC, FedEx, and other parties. I also ask that you resist the urge to “make your mind up” at this early stage, and stay open to those pesky details as they start to clarify. At some point down the road, you will be surveyed to get your thoughts on this project and for us to access your understanding of the plan concepts. Additionally, should this new plan be presented to your for ratification, an educated vote is your responsibility. This will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make; please treat it that way. The time to ask questions and learn as much as possible is NOW, not becoming interested only when it is decision time.

Thanks in advance for your support, and please let us know how we can help you.

Fly safe—Andy, Mike, and Dave

Roger "Andy" Anderson, Jr.
(662) 420-9196

Mike Johnson
Vice Chairman
(651) 769-3791

David Schlichting
Secretary Treasurer
(928) 503-5142


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