Council 26 Message (Retirement Education) - 11/13/17
Council 26 Message (Retirement Education) - 11/13/17


Fellow Council 26 Members:

Recently, our Negotiating Committee Chairman and the Retirement Development Team published a video. It contains a powerpoint presentation and explains details of the research conducted in developing a new retirement plan to mitigate risks to our current defined benefit “A-Plan.” This video is about 14 minutes long. It contains ESSENTIAL information you will need to have to understand this new and complex concept. Please note that this is just the first level of education and a broad overview. More detailed education will be forthcoming as we build upon previous messages.

At last week’s hub turn meetings, it was clear who had seen this video from the thoughtful and detailed questions and comments they had. Please take the time to look at this page and the video on it at your earliest opportunity. It will help you begin the education process you will need to make informed responses to upcoming polling and help guide your union in the direction that best meets your needs.

Retirement Page Education Link

See you on the line,

Michael Arcamuzi
Block 11 Representative 901-210-0701

Pete Harmon
Block 3 Representative

Anita Shew
Block 6 Representative


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