Council 100 Message: Pilots for Kids - 11/14/17
Council 100 Message: Pilots for Kids - 11/14/17


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Fellow LAX Crew Members,

It’s time for our 2017 Pilots for Kids Drive! The LAX program has been so successful that it has expanded far beyond our FDX base and the hospitals that we have always supported. PFK in LAX now includes other major and regional airlines as well as military and corporate pilots. Because of this growth, there is a new organizational structure. Capt. Vasco Rodrigues (UA) has taken on the role as the Los Angeles PFK Coordinator who will oversee all donations and events. I will remain on as the FDX coordinator.

What does this all mean? In addition to the events we have sponsored for years we have added more (any of which you can attend) adding up to big benefits for the children.

Okay, so how can you participate?

  1. Donate! (Easy step by step instructions to follow). Be assured 100% of what you give goes directly to the kids. If you’d like to help with the administrative costs you can become a PFK member for only $15/year.

  2. Come be a part of the events. It’s an amazing experience, and there will be multiple opportunities this season. Details will follow.

  3. Because of everyone’s generosity, we have the ability to add even more hospitals. If you would be interested in dropping off a gift to your local one please let me know.

    Go to the following website:
    Click on the “donate” link
    Direct my donation to...
    From the drop down menu, click the LAX-Rodrigues link
    Enter amount
    Complete the payment data, then click “confirm”
    Print out the receipt for your tax records (you will also receive a receipt via email if you entered your email address)
    Done - Thank You!

Thank you,

John Tymczyszyn
H 310 541-2020
C 310 722-6702

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