FDX MEC FastRead - 12/04/17
FDX MEC FastRead - 12/04/17


The last installment (5% Reserve Holdback) of the Lump Sum Payment or Signing Bonus will be paid to pilots on their December 15th 2017 paycheck.

We have worked to refine the Training Opportunity Footprint (TOF) list in follow-on discussions with the Company as part of the 767 Passover Pay Settlement. These discussions have refined and updated the crew status (pay rates) of pilots during the amendable period of February 25, 2013 to August 19, 2015 as described in the Lump Sum Distribution Letter in the 2015 CBA.

This finalized crew status allowed ALPA to authorize the Company to release the 5% Reserve Holdback (ALPA Authorization for Payment Letter) as described in the ALPA Administrative Manual section 40.3.J.

The updated crew status during the amendable period resulted in several pilots qualifying for a higher lump sum payment category. Pilots can view their individual updated gross bonus amount and history here. The amounts displayed on this list are gross before any deductions. Questions concerning these deductions should be directed to FedEx pilot payroll administration. The Company has paid past bonuses to retired pilots by paper check or direct deposit depending on their individual circumstances.
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