Council 100 Message - 12/8/17
Council 100 Message - 12/8/17


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December 8, 2017

What follows is just a reminder about some of the items that have and have not been implemented from the new SECONDARY process. 

The new SEC process is not tied to a specific due date and the Company and ALPA have been moving towards implementation; hopefully, it will begin in some bid packs in early 2018. You can check the status of all updates on the implementation schedule here.

Below are a few highlights:

Completed items

  1. No more Conversion lines
  2. Secondary line holders may designate amount of carryover CH towards BLG 

On Track/Not Yet Completed Items

  1. Entire block of reserve days dropping with any touch of training (4.I.4.a.ii and 25.C.12.f) – dropping blocks of R days remains under CBA 2011 rules and rec training must split the block to drop it entirely
  2. R Day blocks available in View/Add Window (25.A.4)
  3. Construct Secondary lines in seniority order (25.D.2.b)
  4. Secondary line holders request number of vacation days to utilize towards BLG (25.E.4.b.i)
As always don’t hesitate to contact us or Contract Enforcement at the ALPA office with your questions.

David Wojtkowski

Scott Seyfarth
Vice Chairman

Chad Conner
Secretary Treasurer

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