Positive Rate Weekly - 12/12/17
Positive Rate Weekly - 12/12/17


T he last installment (5% Reserve Holdback) of the Lump Sum Payment or Signing Bonus will be paid to pilots on their December 15th 2017 paycheck.
We have worked to refine the Training Opportunity Footprint (TOF) list in follow-on discussions with the Company as part of the 767 Passover Pay Settlement. These discussions have refined and updated the crew status (pay rates) of pilots during the amendable period of February 25, 2013 to August 19, 2015 as described in the Lump Sum Distribution Letter in the 2015 CBA.
This finalized crew status allowed ALPA to authorize the Company to release the 5% Reserve Holdback ( ALPA Authorization for Payment Letter) as described in the ALPA Administrative Manual section 40.3.J.
The updated crew status during the amendable period resulted in several pilots qualifying for a higher lump sum payment category. Pilots can view their individual updated gross bonus amount and history here. The amounts displayed on this list are gross before any deductions. Questions concerning these deductions should be directed to FedEx pilot payroll administration. The Company has paid past bonuses to retired pilots by paper check or direct deposit depending on their individual circumstances.
A Message from First Officer Roy Matthews
Y ou may recall a message we sent in early November asking for assistance in PDO bumping trips for one of our fellow pilots, MD-11 First Officer Roy Matthews, as he was caring for his wife during her battle with cancer. Your MEC and MEC Officers would like to thank all those who stepped up to bump Roy off of his trips so he could be with his wife. Today, we received the following message from Roy and felt it important to share with each of you. We ask that you continue to keep Roy and his family in your throughts and prayers during this very difficult time. 
It's with great sadness that I write to you all today. I lost my wonderful wife Kim to cancer. She fought courageously for almost four years through eight different chemo treatments. She passed away on Friday, December 8, 2017. 
Visitation will be held at James Funeral Home of Huntersville, North Carolina on Wednesday, December 13 from 6-8 p.m. with a Prayer Service starting at 6 p.m. Funeral Mass for Kim will be held at St. Mark Catholic Church of Huntersville at 11 a.m. Burial will follow at Northlake Memorial Gardens. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Paula Takacs Foundation for Sarcoma Research: www.paulatakacsfoundation.org.
Roy Matthews
W e are currently seeking a volunteer to serve as the  Chairman of our  Retirement & Insurance Committee. In accordance with the FDX MEC Policy Manual, those pilots who desire to be considered for these positions should submit their resumes to MEC Vice Chairman Captain John Cardaci at  John.Cardaci@alpa.org.

The Scheduling Committee is looking for a volunteer to help evaluate pairings. Requirements include good computing and communication skills. You will be using Safte-FAST (fatigue modeling software), and SIG-X (pairing review program). New hires, this would be a great way to learn about the scheduling process. If you are interested, please e-mail Scheduling Committee Vice Chairman Captain Mike Pearcy at Mike.Pearcy@alpa.org.

Reminder: Pilots Retiring on December 31, 2018 who are at least Age 60 but under age 65
I f you are planning on retiring December 31, 2018 at or after age 60 but under age 65, you have until December 31, 2017 to submit your Advance Notice of Planned Retirement to qualify for the retirement bonus in Section 28.F. of the CBA. The End of Career Sick Leave/Advance Notice of Planned Retirement Bonus requires that a pilot submit an advance notice of his/her retirement date at least 12 months in advance of the retirement date and actually retire on that date. The date may be any December 31st after the pilot’s 60th birthday or any day in the month the pilot turns age 65. Pilots can submit their planned retirement date using the Advance Retirement Notice form that can be completed on http://pilot.fedex.com by selecting “VIPS” then entering “retire” in the keyword search field.
SOULY FOR YOU is seeking 10 female volunteers to participate in an 8-week health and wellness study. There is zero cost. Those who may be interested, please contact Reyné O’Shaughnessy at Reyne.OShaughnessy@alpa.org or Dr. Michael Christensen at gmichaelchristensen@gmail.com for more information. 
As we approach the holidays, we would like to provide you with the dates and times the MEC office will be closed. Please see details below.
Thursday, December 7th – Office will close at noon for the annual holiday luncheon for MEC staff. It will reopen on Friday, December 8th at 8 a.m.
Friday, December 22nd – Closed
Monday, December 25th - Christmas Day
Tuesday, December 26th – Closed
Monday, January 1st – New Year’s Day

The holidays are quickly approaching, and we, your FDX MEC, Officers and Staff are asking for your help to support the FedEx Pilots' Charitable Fund! This Fund is set up to provide monetary support around the world towards child related activities. In Memphis, the Fund focuses on the FedEx Family House and the Hope House.

With the holidays rapidly approaching, we are beginning the planning of our Pilots for Kids events. Below you will find information regarding events in various locations and how you can participate. For information on the location nearest you, select from the list below. 
Retirement announcement 

041217_jumpseatpr.pngCaptain Gary Roeder is on his last trip with his final flight scheduled on December 19th (FedEx 21 from LGG to MEM arriving at 1126 local). He sent us the following message to share with his fellow pilots. We would like to congratulate Captain Roeder on his upcoming retirement and wish him all the best!

Message from Captain Gary Roeder
I’ve been fortunate to fly nearly 30 years at "three-airlines-in-one:" first, for Flying Tigers as a 727 and 747 flight engineer; then with the Anchorage Far North Flyers on the maddog and finally for FedEx Express on the triple 7. Not bad, after an interview I took as "just a warmup" for being hired by a “real” airline. It's been a good ride, but now that I'm 60, I'm looking forward to more time with my wife, hobbies, outdoor fun and volunteering in our Boise community.
My thanks go to...
-- Tiger Captains who hired and then mentored me away from a single seat military cockpit mentality into a commercial airline pilot.
-- Dedicated ALPA staff and members long gone who molded our union, and thus the profession that we all enjoy. 
-- My fellow union volunteers and elected representatives who’ve worked long hours through the insane representation roller coaster here at FedEx ALPA. 
-- To Bob Prescott for his visionary start of the air freight industry, and to Fred Smith for the perfection of the same with the merger of Flying Tigers and FedEx. 
-- And most especially to my wife Jackie and my boys who've shared and (at times) endured the airline life. Gratitude.
I'll miss...
Chasing sunsets. A thousand special sights seen only from miles up in the air. My favorite restaurants around the world. The clean lines and curves of a spotlit 777 glistening with early morning rain. Good times with old and new friends in well-worn seats at the bar. 

I'll not miss...
Anything to do with China. Sleeping (or not getting sleep) in a freighter. Bidding.
My last two cents. Give back to your profession. Don’t just be a taker. My most profound times of professional satisfaction came when I served as an ALPA block representative and as a check airman. I urge you to likewise "pay it forward". 
Gary Roeder
Fedex Military Liaison 
T he Company's Military Liaison, Jack Ramsaur will be on a medical leave of absence from his position from approximately 21 December through 30 January to undergo back surgery. In his absence, Dexter Tutor will be executing the duties of Military Liaison. Please continue to contact the ALPA Military Affairs Committee at phil.faucheux@alpa.org with any feedback pertaining to communications with the Company during Peak concerning your military duties.
Christmas Epaulets in Memory of John Knutson
J ohn Knutson was a pilot for North Central, Republic, and Northwest Airlines who lost his battle with stomach cancer in 1997 at the age of 56. John was also a veteran of the United States Army. About 8 years ago, John's widow, Mary, got the idea to start making Christmas Epaulets. The money started to come in and she decided that all proceeds should go to the
Chetek-Weyerhaeuser Scholarship Foundation in John's memory, as he was a 1959 graduate of Chetek High School. Recently, in recognition of John's sense of patriotism and his military service, it was decided that 50% of all profits from Christmas Epaulets be given to Snowball Express. Snowball Express is a 501(c)(3) organization devoted to helping the children between the ages of 5 and 18 of deceased military veterans. Snowball Express is devoted to bettering the lives and futures of the children of our fallen military heroes!
To order your pair of Christmas Epaulets, please click here.
damaged/lost/stolen ipads
here has unfortunately been an uptick in lost iPads by crewmembers. This article will serve as a refresher on Damaged/Stolen/Lost iPads, and the policies in place specific to these scenarios.
Damaged iPads – if your iPad is accidentally damaged, the company will cover the cost of repair or replacement. If the damage is due to a violation of company policy, the employee can be held liable for the repair/replacement costs. In either case, a replacement iPad can be acquired through the means described below.
Stolen iPads – in the event your iPad is stolen, immediately contact the Duty Officer. It is necessary to submit a police report to the company. At international locations, it may be more difficult to acquire a police report than in the United States. In these cases, the Fleet Captain can assist.
Lost iPads – pilots who lose their iPad will be responsible for the cost of a replacement. The current replacement cost for an iPad is $747.70. This includes $659.88 for the iPad and $87.82 for the case.
If you need a replacement iPad, notify iPad Support as soon as possible by emailing us at fdcms@fedex.com or calling (800)238-7527 Option 9 or (901)224-5100 Option 9.
Tips on keeping track of your iPad
  1. Install and turn on the Find my iPhone app.
    Turn on Send Last Location option (this stores the last known location of the iPad up to 24 hours after the battery has run out).
  2. Ensure Airplane mode is turned OFF.
  3. Ensure either Cellular Data or Wi-Fi (or both) is turned ON.
    Ensure Find iPhone is turned on under Cellular Data (Settings > Cellular Data).
  4. Ensure Find iPhone notifications are allowed (Settings > Notifications > Find iPhone).
  5. Ensure iPhone Location Access is allowed (Settings > Privacy > Location Services [Find iPhone]).
  6. Research more details on Find my iPhone at support.apple.com.
Please realize that the iPad administrators have the ability to “ping” the device if lost.  This ping will cause the lost iPad to emit a sound as well as put any desired message on the screen (for instance a phone number to call).  
Be advised that if you don’t have location services set as described above, or don’t have access to internet services as mentioned in steps 2) and 3) above, it will be impossible to find your device through location services.  As a general rule, you can only find your iPad if your iPad can find and announce its location.
It is our goal in Flight Ops iPad Support, to continue to provide you with helpful information. Please feel free to let us know what you think by writing to iPad Support at FDCMS@fedex.com
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