Council 100 Message - 2/13/18
Council 100 Message - 2/13/18


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February 13, 2018

Happy late New Year to everyone. We had our quarterly MEC meeting in Memphis last month and I wanted to update you on a few things:

Take a look at the recent videos from the Negotiating Committee providing a more in-depth explanation of the variable benefit plan the MEC is reviewing. Although the examples are for new hires, the explanations are still very helpful. A few takeaways:

  1.  Current Defined Benefit plan is based on the pilots Final Average Earnings (FAE) capped at $260,000 x 2% x years of service capped at 25. This new plan concept would base the max salary cap on IRS 401(a)17 limits which are indexed on a yearly basis. The 2018 limit is $275,000. The ability to capture that ever-increasing amount is a key part of this plan.
  2. You maintain whatever you have earned in the current Defined Benefit plan. Federal law prevents any reduction to your earned benefit.
  3. The Company has not yet stated their desire to engage. We briefed them on the plan concept late October. We expected that management would study the concept and eventually indicate its interest in further discussions. That is where we stand with respect to management. 
  4. Whether we negotiate or not with the Company will depend on the Company’s willingness and YOU. You are encouraged to watch the videos, take the current phone survey, look at the literature and FAQ page and then call or email me with questions and your opinion.

Over 4,800 ASAP reports were submitted in 2017 resulting in 60 pilot “saves” due to admitted errors. If you think you may be in jeopardy, be sure to file an ASAP report.

Problems with accepted fares, work rules, etc. that don’t require immediate Duty Officer assistance can usually be best handled by calling or sending an email to ALPA Contract Enforcement. Writing an INSITE is also a good way of letting the Company know of the issue. On issues relevant to the base, please backfill me in as well.
                  901-752-8749 ext. #2210/#2211

The Company is hoping to introduce an upgrade to the secondary line software in the near future. Hopefully, LAX will be one of the first bases to have the opportunity to use the new software. When the software is put in to production for our base, an FCIF will be issued. Once implemented, it should complete the remaining items on the CBA 2015 Implementation Schedule including

  • Training conflicts dropping entire block of R-days
  • R Day blocks available in View/Add window
  • Secondary line holders may request to use more or less vacation days than awarded
  • May request to use vacation hours even if they do not hold an awarded vacation in that bid period

Last note – there’s a Pilot New Hire Guide on your Company iPad in the Content Locker. Although some of it is not up to date, it provides a great reference on everything FedEx – even for the seasoned senior pilot.

David Wojtkowski

Scott Seyfarth
Vice Chairman

Chad Conner
Secretary Treasurer

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