Positive Rate Weekly - 2/20/18
Positive Rate Weekly - 2/20/18


First Officer Brian Alexander 
T he Alexander family still needs our help. For those who may not know, Brian suffered a severe brain injury when he fell and hit his head. With his wife Jeanie at his side, Brian continues to fight, but progress is slow. In a few days, Brian will be relocated to a premier rehab facility in Atlanta, Georgia. Of course, his wife Jeanie will be there with him. Brian’s mom and dad, Kelly and Sam, will stay back to care for Brian’s two children, Jonathan (12) and Charlie (9). This will be a long process for the Alexander family. There will be expenses that insurance won’t cover. Thanks to your generosity, Brian’s GoFundMe page has been receiving donations from the very first day it was started. Brian’s mom and dad asked that I share with you their sincere appreciation for the support and love you are giving Brian, Jeanie and their two boys, and they are amazed by what the FedEx pilots are doing.
We need to do more. Jeanie will not leave Brian’s side and she will be going with Brian to Atlanta. I’d like to start a “Count Me In For 20” campaign to help offset Jeanie’s cost for travel, lodging and meals. I ask each of you who reads this to please send a check, made out to Jeanie Alexander, for just $20. This small gift will be a huge help. Please send the check to Brian’s “CAL” Mike Cruff and he will take care of the accounting so that Jeanie can continue to focus on Brian.
Captain Mike Cruff
441 Shambala Drive
Collierville, TN 38017
Fly safe,

Continuing Resolution and Budget Challenges

As I am sure everyone is aware, the U.S. Military faced the challenges of operating under Continuing Resolutions (CR) during the recent budget crisis. How did that affect our reservists? Well for starters, management should be aware that advance notice of military orders was not always feasible for our crew force. In the last five months, many of the branches were holding off the funding of active duty orders until the very last minute due to the CR. To put it in perspective for a FedEx crewmember: giving far in advance notice of MLA, could result in losing a weeklong pairing, and then orders cancel, resulting in no pay from FedEx, no pay from the military, and limited open time opportunity to make up that trip. The ALPA Military Affairs Committee appreciates the patience and understanding from management as our military members dealt with the added challenges of budgetary constraints.

Military Leave Scheduling and Trip Footprints
As a military crewmember, you have an incumbent responsibility to ensure that you have given yourself appropriate travel time between the end of your FedEx trip and the beginning of your military duties. Trip revisions and extensions in the field have become commonplace. 
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P lease be aware that there can be a lag/delay between uploading your supporting documents (receipts etc.) to your monthly Expense Reports. You may think the documents have been attached, but make sure you receive the following notification prior to closing out your Expense Report.
Uploaded C:\Users\00000\Pictures\HOTEL 2018.png Successfully
You should receive a successful upload notification for every image you upload. If you close out your report prior to receiving the above notification, you have not successfully uploaded your receipts, and your paycheck will be deducted the amount of the unapproved hotels, taxis, etc.
If you believe you have uploaded your documents correctly, and you begin to receive Crew Notifications from the Company stating otherwise, please know you may always reach out to the Audit Group at FedEx by submitting an Insite ticket prior to the Expense Report window closing. If after contacting the Audit Group your issue has not been resolved, you may contact ALPA also prior window closing, and we can then look into your Expense Report issue further.
Please contact fedex-enforcement@alpa.org if you have any concerns.
T he following retirement announcements were submitted by Captain Lane Chenoweth and Captain Frank Donohue. Both will retire on February 28, 2018. We would like to congratulate Captains Chenoweth and Donohue and wish them all the best as they enter into retirement.  
Captain Lane Chenoweth
In June of 1977, at age 24, I started flying a Jet Commander 1121 for a living. If you know what a Jet Commander is then you know it’s time for me to retire. If you don’t know what it is then you REALLY know it is time for me to retire!
Big thank you to those fellow pilots who took the time to give back to the profession. Line pilots always know who the good guys are and those who have their backs. Thanks to those who tried their best in the school house, union committees, union officer positions and even flight ops management positions.  I am indebted to your efforts.
After three corporate jet jobs and five airline uniform changes, I got lucky with the last gig to fly with outfits that were founded by visionaries. Thank you Bob Prescott and Fred Smith.
What I’ll miss. The camaraderie in the cockpit and on layovers. The celebratory debrief over dinner and libations after a job well done. The pleasant surprise of a spectacular view from where we work. Friends made worldwide on ramps, drives, hotels, restaurants and bars.
What I won’t miss?  Bone grinding fatigue.
I am from an aviation family.  My Father Jim Chenoweth bought an airplane in 1958, stuck it in a barn, built an airstrip and learned to fly.  His down line has 7 pilots, including 4 airline pilots. I’m sure if he were here today he would be proud.
Special thanks to my wife of 42 years, Janie, who took care of the kids and the home life while I was gone. Like many of us I married over my head. I never pushed flying to my kids so I am sometimes amazed that all 3 are aviators and that 2 of them are airline pilots.
Remember that Jet Commander? I was preparing myself to interview for that position when Janie walked in and told me she was pregnant with our first child. I got the job and the baby, a boy, was born a little over 6 months later. He is now a MD11 Captain at FedEx. Good grief I am old, time to go.
We’re not leaving Alaska. We will either be in Anchorage or Girdwood still skiing, cycling, hiking, fishing and hopefully flying the 182 a lot more. Give me a shout when you’re coming through, there is always a cold one or two to share.
If you would like to contact Lane, he can be reached at lanecheni@aol.com or 907-301-1114.
Captain Frank Donohue
Thank you to all the diverse professional pilots for great memories and your contributions to all those safe and legal flights. Thank you to all other personnel for your participation to the reliability and efficiency of the FedEx operations.
I will miss the pilots, our conversations and those great layover memories.  I will miss all our good-hearted employees. I will also miss hand flying an approach and landing of a wide body jet.
“What are going to do”? Sleep from 10pm to 6 am whenever I choose. Finish writing second book and developing YouTube channel; and continue fishing, gardening and charity work. Time is just more important now.
Always Fly Safely.
If you would like to contact Frank, he can be reached at Frankjdonohue@gmail.com, www.frankjdonohue.com or 757-589-8021. 
D uring the 2nd quarterly MEC meeting (April 16-20, 2018), an election will be held to fill the positions of MEC Chairman and MEC Secretary Treasurer for an interim term to begin on June 4, 2018 and end on March 31, 2019. Current MEC Chairman Captain Chuck Dyer will retire this year and current MEC Secretary Treasurer Captain Rich Zins has elected to return to the line.
If you are interested in running for one of these positions, please submit a résumé and/or position letter to MEC Secretary Treasurer Captain Rich Zins at Rich.Zins@alpa.org.  
B e aware of fraudulent emails such as the email below. Phishing emails are disguised as reputable companies such as apple to lure iOS users into revealing sensitive account information. If received, do not reveal an information such as apple id or passwords.
Scan suspicious emails for misspellings, sender, subject line, and false identifiers such as locations. Many indicators such as sender address help identify fraudulent emails. There are several resources available to prevent future phishing attempts by both FedEx and Apple. Please forward any Apple related phishing attempts to reportphishing@apple.com. Apple also lists important tips to prevent phishing at https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204759. If the email is received at a FedEx email address report it to spambuster@fedex.com and enter keyword “spam” to view helpful FedEx resources. It is our goal in Flight Ops iPad Support, to continue to provide you with helpful information. Please feel free to let us know what you think by writing to iPad Support at FDCMS@fedex.com.

ALPA will offer an Airport Safety Liaison (ASL) Training Course in Canada beginning on March 16, 2018. This training course provides pilot volunteers with a basic understanding of the various aspects of the ASL's role. It assists new ASLs in identifying and carrying out their responsibilities at their assigned airports, to their Regional Airport Safety Coordinators (RASCs) and in understanding the resources available to them from ALPA's staff. Pilots who complete ASL training should be prepared to proactively engage with the officials at their assigned airport on a wide variety of safety issues.

If interested, please contact MEC Safety Chairman Captain Todd Carpenter at FedEx-SafetyChair@alpa.org to receive approval to attend. To view the course invitation, please click here
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