Positive Rate Weekly - 3/6/18
Positive Rate Weekly - 3/6/18


T he information that follows below will be sent to all ALPA pilots this week regarding an upcoming FedEx Pilot Career Expo. Please feel free to share this information with others you know who may be interested in the event.
FedEx Express is excited to host its second ever Pilot Career Expo on Wednesday, May 2, in the FedEx Express Experience Center. The one-day session, 9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. Central, is designed to highlight what it’s like to fly for the industry’s premier airline, and to introduce Memphis, its global headquarters for more than four decades.
The Pilot Career Expo will include:
pilotexpo2.png• Presentations by FedEx executives and FedEx pilots. MEC Chairman Capt. Chuck Dyer will be speaking during this event. 
• A host of exhibits surrounding FedEx operations, innovation, and approach to safety, providing a first-hand look into FDX operations, core values, and why FedEx is such a great place to work.
• An explanation of pilot hiring requirements and an overview of the application and interview processes from FedEx hiring reps.  
Space will be limited, and slots will be given on a first come first served basis to applicants who have an active profile on pilotcredentials.com and who did not attend the 2017 Expo. If you do not have an active profile, visit www.pilotcredentials.com to complete one and review the minimum qualifications. If you already have an active file entered, be sure to revisit and update as needed. Please complete this step by Wednesday, March 7, at 8:00 am CDT, as FedEx Express will open up registration at this time on the Pilot Career Expo website. To learn more or register, visit  http://pilot.fedex.com/expo/.
F or those of you that are interested in obtaining your total 2017 dues paid, here are your options:
  1. Go to ALPA.org, log in and click on the “my account” link on the home page. Select the account tab to view your 2017 payments. 
  2. If you were on an arrangement plan (payment plan) and/or on dues check off (have dues automatically pulled from your check) you can view your total dues paid on your end of December pay stub. The arrangement plan total will be an entry labeled “ARP” and your DCO total will be labeled “ALPA Dues."
  3. If you made a cash payment to ALPA to pay off a reconciliation balance, you can get your total 2017 dues paid from ALPA.org as described above or call 1-888-Fly-ALPA, option 3 and ALPA National Membership will provide you a statement of your total 2017 dues paid.
Air Facts

The following pilots completed their probationary period with FedEx on 28 February 2018 and are now active ALPA members. Please join me in congratulating these pilots. Welcome to active status, ladies and gentlemen!

Captain Vic Tansey
FDX Membership Chairman

Jim Boster, Aaron Granger, Tyler Harzinski, Joe Waddell, Kevin Pickering, Andrew Barnett, Jeff Gardner, Brian Rippe, Bob Garrison, Jesse Lane, Andres Capetillo, Carrie Conley, Jeff Detig, Nick Harrington, Sean Herrboldt, John Pope, Jessica Torbeck, Dennis Adams, Ryan Wellman, Chris Scruton, Josh, Niedzwiecki, Brian Schenk, Scott Chomiz, Richard Smith, Rod Forest, Russ Fain, Allen Fox, Jeff Osborne, and Troy Wing

T he FDX MEC and R&I Committee would like to congratulate the following ALPA members who retired in December and thank them for their years of participation in the Association.
Captain Mike Redfield, First Officer Mark Rogers, First Officer Tom Montgomery, Captain Douglas Higgins, Captain Ken Sutton, Captain Michael Swanton, First Officer Pete Lemaire, Captain Ernest Norsworthy, Captain Mike Taylor, Captain Evelyn Kennedy, Captain Edward Wall, Captain Greg Jones, Captain Roy Gordon III, Captain Wayne Lane, Captain Wick Wilkinson, Captain Penny Crotty, Captain Dennis Miller, Captain Gary Zambito, Captain Bill McDonald, Captain Larry Jessen, Captain Benney Britt, Captain Stan Waldruff, Captain Dave Baron, Captain Dick Laird, Captain Jim Cobb, Captain Duane Hoaglan, Captain Dan Wahle, Captain Bill Endres, Captain Natalie Lademan, Captain Dave Urbanowski, Captain Billy Ridgway, Captain Bob Sherlock, Captain Joey Sanders, Captain Terry Peters, Captain George Elmiger, Captain Dave Douglass, Captain W.L. Churchill, Captain Ted Deangeli, Captain Kary Christopherson, Captain Mike Henderson, Captain Jane Dyer, Captain Matt Littrell, Captain James Brendel, Captain John Formento, Captain John Melius, Captain Charles Ensley, Captain Arlin Fratzke, Captain Renita Herrmann, Captain John Schmidt, Captain Gregory Greer, Captain Brad Peters, Captain Gary Roeder, Captain Michael Hemmelman, Captain Douglas Fatton, Captain Kent French, Captain Steven Hein, Captain Thomas Webb, Captain Christopher Hart, Captain Van Hill, Captain Tamar Bailey, Captain Walter Peterson, Captain Scott Jensen, Captain Steve Speight, First Officer Kent Bayer, Captain Andre Harris, Captain Henry Rogers, Captain David Massee, Captain Terry Fennessy, Captain David Blizzard, Captain Scott Gregory, First Officer Mike Newquist, First Officer Kris Dejeet, Captain Terry McGuire, Captain Mark Foley, Captain Mike Jamison, First Officer Norman O'Melia, Captain Tim Sparks, Captain Robert McKee, First Officer Barbara Hothem, Captain Thomas Donahoe, Captain Michael Frey, Captain John Cobb, First Officer Alexander Forbes, First Officer Nancy Ebert, First Officer Mark Smith, Captain John DeGraaf, Captain David Root, First Officer Gerald Smith, Captain Scott Evans, Captain Michael Redley, First Officer Robert Sears, Captain Tony Grady Jr., First Officer Gary Burg, Captain Michael Morgan, Captain Joe Bryant, Captain Gerald Scrivens, First Officer Marty Crotty, Captain Jack Barton, First Officer George Davis III, First Officer Steve Brown, and Captain Michael Martin
Total retirements from January to December, were 184, of whom, 179 were ALPA members.  
D uring the 2nd quarterly MEC meeting (April 16-20, 2018), an election will be held to fill the positions of MEC Chairman and MEC Secretary Treasurer for an interim term to begin on June 4, 2018 and end on March 31, 2019. Current MEC Chairman Captain Chuck Dyer will retire this year and current MEC Secretary Treasurer Captain Rich Zins has elected to return to the line.
If you are interested in running for one of these positions, please submit a résumé and/or position letter to MEC Secretary Treasurer Captain Rich Zins at Rich.Zins@alpa.org.  
P rivacy is very important to iPad support and the crewmembers using the device. With the iPad you can select to allow or not to share your location with an app. This is done by launching Settings, then selecting Privacy then select Location Services. Here you can see every app that has a location setting. There are three selections to choose from: Always on, While using, and Never. “Always on” will always track your devices location, we recommend using this setting sparingly for select apps such as AirWatch Agent and Find iPhone. “While using” only uses your location while the app is open, for apps that require your location such as Jepp FD Pro. The “Never” selection does not provide your location to that app.
It is our goal in Flight Ops iPad Support, to continue to provide you with helpful information. Please feel free to let us know what you think by writing to iPad Support at FDCMS@fedex.com.
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