Council 123 Message - 4/5/18
Council 123 Message - 4/5/18


April 5, 2018
Members of Council 123,
Let me first thank those of you who took the time to vote in the recent balloting for the vacant positions of Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer. I am excited to carry on the good work that Erin, Mike, and Jeff have done on our behalf and look forward to working closely with Mike and Sal.
I am in the process of turning over active items with Erin and will be attending the April MEC meeting in Memphis (April 15-20). If any of you have opinions on any of the candidates for the interim terms for MEC Chairman or Secretary/Treasurer, please feel free to reach out to me as I value your input. These elected positions will be quite important as we move forward with retirement negotiations and Contract 2021 positioning in the coming months and years.
Additionally, if you have specific questions about the proposed retirement proposal after watching the informational videos, please write them down in an email and I will be sure to get the answers at the April meeting and get back to you.
I will do my best to keep the domicile informed of pertinent issues via message line emails, so please be sure that your email address is up to date with the ALPA office. Facebook is a secondary method of communicating, so if you have an issue you think needs to be brought to my attention, please contact me directly. Knowing that many of our pilots do not use Facebook, and given the recent privacy issues associated with that service, I am very interested in hearing alternative suggestions from volunteers who might have some expertise in group communication.
My immediate goal is to be completely up to speed on the current base issues and chugging along at full stride by the end of this week. Please bear with me as we make the handoff.
My goals for the next year are:
1) To be an advocate for the CGN FDA with the MEC and Company
2) Provide informed advice in the negotiation of any OIMs that will affect life in our domicile
3) Represent the members of our block in ALPA related matters, in a pragmatic, apolitical manner
I am very grateful that Mike Worthington was willing to step up to take over for Erin and very much value his expertise. He will provide great continuity and continue to be an essential part of our LEC. I enjoy a great working relationship with Mike and look forward to the next year.
And finally, let me extend a big thank you to Erin for her time and effort. It is a thankless job and she has always been such a good advocate for our domicile.
Joshua Hallett
CGN LEC123 Chair
Phone/Whatsapp: (+49)174 757 0302