Council 22 Message - 4/25/18
Council 22 Message - 4/25/18


April 25, 2018
Members of Council 22, 
What follows is a quick update on a few important items. Our new MEC chairman elect is Captain John Cardaci. We look forward to working with John and our new Secretary Treasurer elect Captain Don Ray. These pilots will continue to work tirelessly for you and your careers. Please congratulate them the next time you see them.
The participation in our council meeting was very positive. We received updates from the safety, negotiating and fatigue risk management committees. We also received an update regarding the Contract Answer Team (CAT) initiative. If you would like to help your fellow pilots, please consider joining the CAT.
There are still certain events that require you to submit a paylog if you want to be paid for going the extra mile. Please coordinate with the rest of your crew to ensure all members of your crew are paid for their work. Please contact Contract Enforcement at or 901-752-8749 if you have any questions.
Call to Action
A Call to Action directly in the defense of our jobs has been issued. While your support for this Call to Action is positive, please consider asking family and friends to participate. Safety must be the guiding principal. The lives and jobs you save could be your own or that of a person you are trying to help get hired.
Here is another link to the call to action: Call to action on single-piloted commercial cargo aircraft
ASAP is a program we fought hard to get on our property. This program enhances our safety, but lately, the ASAP report numbers are down. If you spot any aviation safety items that you would like addressed, please consider using this valuable program. Please add the ASAP hotline number to your contact list. The number is (901) 244-5203. Calling this number and leaving a short message about you, your flight number and date, and the item you would like to report gives you three days to finish your ASAP report. The ASAP program saves from 60 to 100 pilots from certification action per year (please see Paragraph 6.a. of the ASAP MOU; you will need to know your ALPA login information to view the ASAP MOU). And if you mention fatigue in your ASAP report, please consider filling out a fatigue report as well.
Remember, No Report = No Problem.
Safety Vests
Safety vests have seen an increase in their status. Focusing on safety is always the right idea. Please wear your vest and watch your jumpseaters as well. The life you save may be your own.
DJ Shaw Brian Hoffman Ian Thompson
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