Council 100 Message - 5/11/18
Council 100 Message - 5/11/18


Council 100

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May 11, 2018

Council 100, 

Elections were held for Interim MEC Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer at the April MEC meeting. We had three outstanding candidates run for chairman, and in the end, Captain John Cardaci was elected. In addition, Captain Don Ray was elected Secretary-Treasurer. There will be an election to fill the vacated vice chairman position at the next MEC meeting in August. If you see outgoing Chairman Captain Chuck Dyer or Secretary-Treasurer Captain Rich Zins, please be sure to thank them for their tireless service.  

Here in LAX, our current Vice Chairman First Officer Scott Seyfarth has begun training on the 777 and will be resigning his position in LAX soon. We will hold nominations for a new LEC vice chairman at our next LEC meeting—most likely in August or September.  
I know some of you had the opportunity to attend our last local council meeting and discuss the proposed retirement plan in a small group setting with the MEC officers and Negotiating Committee. Although many questions can be answered from the VBP website, I would encourage all of you to attend a small group FOCUS brief typically held during hub turns in Memphis. You can always phone me with questions or concerns as well.      
There are no negotiations going on currently. Keep in mind that the NC has said that everyone must be made whole—those people that might suffer from a change in retirement will be made whole if this program goes forth. Expect a phone survey in late May to gauge the crew force’s desires in negotiating with the Company.  
The ASAP program, in addition to enhancing safety, has resulted in numerous “saves” for crewmembers—on average 60-100 pilots are saved from certificate action annually. Lately, we’ve seen a marked decrease in the number of reports submitted. If in doubt, ASAP. The hotline number is 901-224-5203.  
Everyone knows our flying can be fatiguing. We have to have data to show the exact elements—unfortunately the old adage, “no report, no problem” often holds true. Just a complaint rarely results in changes. There is no harm in calling in fatigued, but remember, even if you don’t report “fatigued,” you can still file a fatigue report.  
Some events still require a manual paylog to affect the pay. Soft R-day moves (pays 3CH) is one of these items. Please coordinate with your entire crew when submitting.  
FAA Reauthorization Bill
The FAA Reauthorization Bill contained a last minute amendment calling for a government study on single-piloted cargo aircraft. Thanks to all of you that answered the Call to Action and wrote your Congressmen to remove the amendment. Unfortunately, the bill passed the House with the amendment intact. We will move on to try and make changes in the Senate or at conference. Regardless of what happens with the amendment, this fight to maintain sufficient safety with fully complemented human aircrews has just begun.

David Wojtkowski

Scott Seyfarth
Vice Chairman

Chad Conner
Secretary Treasurer

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