Council 26 Message - 5/17/18
Council 26 Message - 5/17/18


council 26
May 17, 2018
FedEx ALPA Pilot Mentoring Program
Today we address new hires coming from diverse groups of pilots, whose demographics have been ever-changing. FedEx now recruits pilots from legacy airlines, a few company internal hires from either the instructor ranks or corporate aviation, and some former military. Presently, the majority of new pilots are from regional airlines and some nonunion carriers.
The Membership Committee offers sincere congratulations to pilots entering the FedEx family. They assure them that while they may have had other offers, FedEx is the right choice. They stress that ALPA negotiated the benefits within our contract on behalf of all of us. These efforts have made FedEx one of the best pilot career choices in the airline industry. They highlight the accomplishments of ALPA, including enhanced safety legislation, HIMS, PATH, ASAP, EPGWS, TCAS, off-line jumpseats, KCM, FFDO, and much, much more. They stress ALPA’s successes passed through the FAA and Washington, D.C., and how ALPA is working to usher in other policies that will always strive to make the safety, security, and responsibility of our pilots a priority.
To this end, the Membership Committee stresses that our new pilots are part of an ALPA team of 4,800 FedEx pilots. They may be on probation with the company, but our union welcomes them fully on board. They are issued an ALPA lanyard as well as a “full set” of ALPA wings to wear on their ties or lapels—not the “half wings” some other airlines used to offer—in order to emphasize they are ALPA team members from day one. They ask our new ALPA FedEx team members to diligently complete training and to proudly wear their ALPA lanyards and pins with their uniforms when they hit the line.
Recently, it has been observed that some new hires are opting for the company lanyard, or not wearing their ALPA pin. On some occasions, when asked why, answers have included that they have been urged not to wear ALPA insignias in the schoolhouse. We encourage the instructor pilots and check airmen, as the first union contact role models of the new wave of FedEx ALPA pilots, to wear your ALPA lanyards and pins and encourage the same of your students. Why? It’s a worldwide-recognized uniform standard. There are no repercussions at FedEx for pilots wearing ALPA insignias as proudly as they wear their new uniforms.
We ask all of you to remember that only by working as a team and welcoming in our newest family members can we keep accomplishing the goals of professional pilots. We are all members of the finest airline, and also represent the 60,000-plus members of the world’s largest nongovernmental safety and security association, The Air Line Pilots Association. We are truly welcoming our newest pilots into the finest, most professional pilot group in the industry.

Pete Harmon Rich Odbert Eric Armstrong
Chairman Vice Chairman Secretary Treasurer