Council 100 Message - 7/17/18
Council 100 Message - 7/17/18


July 17, 2018
Updates for LAX  
LEC Meeting – LEC meeting will be held on Sunday, 19Aug 1000 at Cape Rey Carlsbad (1 Ponto Road, Carlsbad, CA). Primary order of business will be Vice Chairman nomination for our LEC.
Vice-Chairman – First Officer Scott Seyfarth has completed 777 First Officer training and officially departed LAX for MEM. Please thank him for his years of service as LEC 100 Vice Chairman. If you are interested in getting more involved with your union, this is a great opportunity to run for Vice Chairman. This interim fill will run until April 2020. Nomination ballots will soon be mailed to all LEC 100 members at their home address. Following the nomination, electronic voting will take place with details to follow.
Retirement Survey – There is currently an on-line survey available to every pilot (regardless if you completed the recent phone survey) to give your opinions on the Retirement Research and Education project. You should have gotten an email on this or else you can click here. Enter your ALPA number as your user name and birth year (YYYY) as password. The MEC is actively soliciting your opinion before deciding a course to take.
CRS Errors – We have received numerous reports lately of Crew Resource Scheduling making some errors with trip assignments. If in doubt of the legality, you can always request to speak with a manager, contact ALPA Contract Enforcement, or me. Filing an INSITE is always recommended but may not provide a timely answer.
MEC Vice-Chairman – At the quarterly August MEC meeting in Memphis, the MEC will be electing a new Vice Chairman (not to be confused with our local LEC 100 opening). Interested candidates should submit a résumé and/or position letter to MEC Secretary Treasurer Captain Don Ray at To date, the current declared candidates are Captain Dave Chase, Captain Steve Heid, First Officer Don Loepke, Captain Mike Johnson and Captain Wes Reed.  
David Wojtkowski Chad Conner
Chairman Secretary Treasurer