Council 7 Block 8 Message - 7/10/18
Council 7 Block 8 Message - 7/10/18


July 10, 2018
Fellow Council 7 pilots, 
A quick update on a few pressing issues. And a litle rant at the end! 
An ALPA Call to Action concerning the addition of Amendment 744 into the FAA Reauthorization Bill recently passed the House and is now in the Senate for consideration. The Amendment calls for a funded FAA study on single pilot and autonomous commercial aircraft flight. Make no mistake, this threatens our careers as airline pilots, cargo and passenger alike. It's coming much faster than many think or realize and we need to get out in front of it. It takes less than a minute to send a letter to your Congressman and Senators. You can participate in the Call to Action here
Around the first week of July, seniority blocks are realigned. This results in many pilots shuffling into and out of Council 7. In order to best inform all the pilots in Council 7 of upcoming elections in the near future for block reps in blocks 1, 4, & 8, we decided to hold off on publishing election  procedures until after the block realignment so as to ensure that all Council 7 pilots who will be eligible to vote in the elections will receive the comm. We will also lay out the plan for electing an interim block 1 rep to replace Captain Don Ray who is now our MEC Secretary Treasurer. We should have the comm out in early to mid-July as soon as the block realignments are completed (we have set the meeting date for August 14th, so please make a note of that date). 
As I was flying the line the other day, I asked one of our crewmembers from an outstation domicile why he didn't wear an ALPA pin or lanyard. He stated it bluntly, like many pilots feel, "After Contract 2015, I took it off because I was a no vote!" I didn't push the issue as I was seeking to engage a fellow pilot not attack or judge.That said, not wearing an ALPA pin or lanyard doesn't make sense. 
The old adage of cutting the nose off to spite one's own face applies here. ALPA isn't a "them" or a "they." ALPA is YOU. You are the core and base of your union,  a volunteer organization in which hundreds of FedEx pilots give of their time and efforts. If Contract 2015 made you mad then please consider getting involved. Volunteer for a committee or run for block rep. If you don't have time to volunteer (who does?) then the very least you can wear an ALPA pin and or lanyard to support your own team. 
We are fast approaching a decision point regarding a potential retirement fix, and are only about 40 months away from the amendable date on our contract. That is why it would be great to see guys stepping up to support each other. After all, you and every other pilot on the FedEx seniority list are FedEx ALPA. Let's start supporting each other. Thank you for staying engaged. 
Don Loepke 
LEC 7, Blk 8 Rep