Council 7 Message - 7/23/18
Council 7 Message - 7/23/18


July 23, 2018
We would like to welcome all the new members to Blocks 1 and 4, as well as all our new Block 8 members. Our annual block realignment was just completed, and with that, we are entering an election cycle for block reps in all three blocks of Council 7—blocks 1, 4, and 8. All three blocks will have new reps for the term that will run from March 1, 2019, to February 28, 2022. We would like to express the importance of this election as it obviously runs into our next round of Section 6 bargaining in 2021. 
Nomination ballots were mailed out last week, as was election procedural information. Please open your ALPA correspondence in a timely fashion, as it is time-sensitive, and return the nomination ballot in the pre-addressed envelope provided. All nomination ballots will be counted at our Local Council 7 meeting on Tuesday, August 14, which takes place immediately after the Memphis joint council meeting. If you are willing to serve, be sure to mark the return envelope or provide other written confirmation to Don Ray before the end of the meeting.
After the nomination ballots are counted, the top two candidates in each block who have declared willingness to serve will be placed on the following electronic ballot to elect reps to fill the term that commences on March 1, 2019. Once the block rep ballot is certified, another electronic ballot will open to decide which or your three block reps will become the council’s chairman, vice chairman, and secretary-treasurer.
During the August 14 Local Council 7 meeting, we will also elect an interim Block 1 rep who will assume the position immediately after the election at the meeting. The new Block 1 interim rep will complete the term of Captain Don Ray who is now our MEC secretary-treasurer. The interim term ends February 28, 2019. Any member in good standing in Block 1 can run; only those members of Council 7 who are in attendance can nominate and elect the interim, but you do not have to be present at the meeting to be nominated and elected.
If you have not participated in the ALPA Call to Action concerning the FAA reauthorization bill as it relates to Amendment 744 (single-pilot operations), please take action now. It literally takes about 90 seconds to send this important message to your senators and representatives.
We currently have a web-based survey for you to provide input on the retirement education process. Question-wise, it mirrors the phone survey we recently concluded. A link to the survey is also included in the Positive Rate Weekly e-mail.
That’s it for now. Please participate in our upcoming Council 7 elections. Let your voice be heard.
CA Don Ray CA Dave Arrington FO Don Loepke
Block 1 Representative Block 4 Representative Block 8 Representative
Council 7 Chairman Council 7 Vice Chairman Council 7 Secretary-Treasurer