Council 7 Block 4 Message - 7/25/18
Council 7 Block 4 Message - 7/25/18


July 25, 2018
Block 4 Pilots,
Block 4 Membership
On July 1, we underwent our annual membership changes to our block structure from the company’s realignment of our Master Seniority List. I welcome those pilots who have moved from Block 5 to 4; yes, you’re becoming more seasoned! In reviewing the demographics, I found:
  • The average age is 53.
  • The average pilot time with FDX is 17 years.
  • There are 219 captains, 175 first officers, and 1 second officer out on mil leave.
  • Seniority numbers range from 1672 through 2232.
  • Aircraft representation: 46-757, 75-767, 91-777, 74-A300, and 104-MD11 pilots.
Block 4 is a part of Local Council (LC) 7, which is comprised of Blocks 1, 4, and 7.
Upcoming Elections for Local Council 7
We have two very important elections coming up on August 14, 2018, at our LC meeting.
First, is selecting a Block 1 interim representative to fulfill Don Ray’s remaining term through February 28. He became the MEC secretary-treasurer and took office on June 4. All those present from the various blocks for the LC meeting will elect this individual for Block 1 on August 14.
Second, on March 1, 2019, the terms for the interim Block 1 rep, Don Loepke of Block 8, and I are up, and it will be time to replace at least Don and me since we have moved on to the next blocks. Soon, if not already, you will receive ballots to nominate your new reps. These are write-in ballots and need to be returned to the FDX ALPA office by August 13. On August 14, we will formally count these ballots, and the top two individuals receiving the most votes for each block will face an electronic runoff to follow our LC meeting. Once this election is complete, there will be another electronic election to choose from the three representatives who will serve as your chairman, vice chairman, and secretary-treasurer.
Please make your voices heard by participating in this process on August 14 at our LC meeting and in the two electronic votes to follow. If you are contemplating running, but have questions, please call me.
Single-Pilot Research for Cargo
By now you have read that the House of Representatives has passed the FAA Reauthorization Bill (H.R. 4) that contains a section (744) entitled “Single Pilot Research for Cargo.” The Senate looks like they may not include this section in their bill. However, the section will be part of the reconciliation process between the two bills.

This is an attack on our profession that cannot stand! This affects the safety and security of air traffic in our national airspace system and abroad. The company has stated openly that they are interested in remotely piloted vehicles, click, click (4:57 mark) to review. There is an ALPA Call to Action asking us to contact our House representatives in denouncing Section 744. We laud the 1,000 of the 4,600 pilots who supported this action. However, this should have been a unanimous denouncement from all of us. Please participate in ALPA’s Call to Action regarding this issue and ask your friends and family to participate, too. We urge you stay involved on this topic, which ultimately could affect our Scope provisions found in our CBA.
Retirement Survey
For those who weren’t contacted by the University of New Hampshire for the last two pilot polls on Retirement, here’s your chance to have your voice heard. The Association is currently conducting a Retirement Survey that ends on July 30. Please click here to participate.

Your Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) Pet Peeves
Are you perturbed over a particular section of the contract, or management’s interpretation of it? We, your elected representatives, officers, staff, and various committee members, are working hard to resolve them and have won quite a large number of issues and engaged in ongoing implementation measures (OIM) with the company to make our CBA better. But I need your help. Please let me know your top three CBA gripes. I will diligently work to resolve them, if possible, or compile a list to aid in future negotiations.

It’s my distinct honor and pleasure to serve you!
Dave Arrington
Block 4 Representative
C 901.270.6367