Council 22 Message - 8/7/18
Council 22 Message - 8/7/18


August 7, 2018
Welcome New Members
The annual seniority update has taken place, and you are in Local Council 22. Your representatives are Captain Clark Kluwe, Captain Brian Hoffman, and Captain Ian Thompson.  We are available to answer questions and assist you with union matters. We look forward to seeing you at both the MEC joint Council meeting and our local Council meeting on the 14th of August, 2018. The meeting starts at 10:30 a.m. and will be held at the Crown Plaza Memphis East, 2625 Thousand Oaks Blvd., Memphis, TN 38118.
MEC Vice Chairman Election
Your MEC will be selecting a new Vice Chairman on Wednesday, August 15th. If you are interested in running for the position, please contact MEC Secretary Treasurer Captain Don Ray at the MEC office. Additionally, please feel free to let us know your thoughts about any of the candidates at the council meeting on Tuesday or by email. We value your input in these matters.  
Currently, these members are running for the Vice Chairman’s position:
Dave Arrington
Dave Chase
Steve Heid
Mike Johnson
Don Loepke
Wes Reed
All of these candidates have volunteered their time and efforts to serve us and we are grateful they are stepping up and running for this office.
Retirement Plan Survey
The online retirement plan survey closed on Monday, July 30th. We should be getting the data back soon and we thank you for taking the time to give us your input. With this data, we should be able to further our understanding of how much you understand and your feelings towards our path forward.
Legislative Affairs
Your representatives and union have been working together with ALPA National to defeat/eliminate Section 744 (single-piloted, remotely operated cargo aircraft) from the FAA Reauthorization Act 2018 H.R.4. You can do your part by participating in the union Call to Action; it only takes a minute and it sends emails to all of your elected officials in the Senate and House.
ALPA National BOD
Your representatives will be attending the National Board of Directors meeting in October. We will elect new National Officers and continue working to establish policy and direction for ALPA National’s strategic plan for the next 2 years.
Capt. Clark Kluwe Capt. Brian Hoffman Capt. Ian Thompson
Council 22 Chairman  
Council 22 Vice Chairman                        
Council 22 Secretary Treasurer