Message from the Chairman - 8/23/18
Message from the Chairman - 8/23/18



I have thoroughly enjoyed my first few months as your MEC Chairman. Last week, your MEC representatives, officers and committee volunteers spent time together during our August quarterly meeting. I am very proud of all the hard work and expertise that our union volunteers put forth to benefit every one of us. Please take the time to thank them for their efforts when you have the opportunity. I would like to outline upcoming communications designed to alert you to our efforts to protect your health, retirement, and even your career.


I want to share with you an exciting initiative that has already begun and will continue for the months ahead. We are calling this our “Quality of Life Initiative.” We are looking at the broader impact of scheduling and the overall quality of the lines. We understand your frustrations when dealing with the seemingly never-ending pursuit of efficiency gains off of the backs of the pilots. This must end. We will take advantage of what the company advertises as an “industry-leading fatigue mitigation program” to help mitigate or eliminate pairings that have been flagged by the SIG and the FRMG process. Expect to see more of us as we make domicile visits and conduct hub turn meetings in order to get your input and feedback while we work toward improving your quality of life. We would like to have the company as a partner in this initiative, but so far when given the opportunity, the company typically does what’s in their best interest, not ours.


At last week’s Joint Council meeting, NC Chairman Pat May discussed the ongoing retirement project. The MEC spent an entire day with Captain May and his team reviewing our progress to meet your expectations of an industry-leading retirement plan. Your participation in our education efforts is essential (Retirement Education and Research website). In the coming days, Captain May will be advising of the path ahead.


We need to stand up as a group with one voice against the inclusion of Section 744 in the FAA Reauthorization Bill. Make no mistake, this is a direct attack on your job. Section 744 seeks to research single pilot and remotely pilot ops in cargo aircraft. As you look to your trusted co-worker in the cockpit with you, imagine if they weren’t there. This legislative threat is that serious. I know you share my desire to protect your career and that of your fellow pilots. Your MEC is prepared to speak with one voice on this issue and are asking you to join us. You must do your part if we are to have any chance of success. I need you to participate in the Call to Action; it takes 30 seconds (click here to participate now).

We are prepared to do the work and we are willing to fight for you, but we can’t do it alone. Your elected representatives have charted a course for this organization to be successful and our team looks forward to sharing the results in the days ahead. It is important that the company understands and respects the work and professionalism we provide on a daily basis and it is also important that you know that we are here to fight for you.


Captain John Cardaci