Tundra Tidbits - 8/21/18
Tundra Tidbits - 8/21/18


August 21, 2018
Hello Fellow Far North Flyers,
We hope that your Summer is going well. We wanted to send a message reminding you of our council meeting this Friday at the Eagle River Ale House beginning at 1:00 p.m. and our Family Awareness picnic on Saturday at Tim and Shawna Bloom’s house starting at noon.
MEC Chairman John Cardaci and our new MEC Vice Chairman Dave Chase are planning on being in attendance. In addition, our Negotiating Chairman Pat May is going to try to be there.
Thank you to everyone who has answered ALPA’s Call to Action regarding Section 744 of the FAA Reauthorization Bill. This provision of the bill will authorize FAA/government-financed research and development in support of single-piloted, all-cargo operations utilizing remote-piloting or computer-piloting technology. Sadly, as of today, only 28% of our council has participated.
The camel’s nose is under the tent here and we need to fight this NOW, if not for us, then for the FedEx pilots who come after us!
Please take 30 seconds and click here to send a message to your elected leaders in Washington, D.C. 
Be safe out there,
Bob, Todd and TJ